Overland Authors - Please read


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May 26, 2013
Overland Authors are invited to list list their books in this forum.

To do so you must request your account to be upgraded to "Overland Author".

There is a paid for upgrade/ donation and a free upgrade for those who mention, link or regularly contribute to the forums and Facebook groups,

With the account upgrade you will receive the following benefits:
  • Add a link to your book in your signature
  • Add a book listing in our Overland books forum
  • Be listed as an Overland Author on the forum
  • Have you profile state “Overland Author”
  • Thier book or website will be considered for promotion
  • They will be invited to OA & OS events
Those Authors who regularly contribute, or have either linked to or mentioned in their books or articles both the Overlanding Association & Overland Sphere may apply for a free user upgrade.

Your thread should have the title set as follows: Author: xxxxx Title: xxxxx Release Date: xxxx

You can also join our Overland Inspiration Group for Overland Authors and media creators
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