Overlanding Finland - bit of Russia - Norway


New Overlander
Sep 11, 2020
Hi all,
Not 100% sure yet, but might be able to take a 6 months sabbatical next year and am thinking to do Finland, a bit of Russia (Kola) and Norway. Would leave in March, do skiing / snowboarding end of March in Finnish Lapland, continue to ski resort on Kola, on to Kirkenes, North Cape and down south through Norway. Should be plenty of time to do this in a relaxed phase, I recon. Thinking about a small minibus/van/mpv with a bed only to be able to enjoy the free camping, only when temperatures are up obviously. Mostly worried about the car and driving in winter time and how April and May will be all the way up in the North. Any hints, tips, advice, more than welcome. Totally new in this world!

PS - apologies for posting same in introduction, but have the feeling regional forum might fit better for feedback?