Panama - Colombia Container share


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Hey Everybody,

I am looking to share a container from Colombia to Panama.
As soon as possible actually. December 2015- january 2016.


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We're currently on our way and will probably be in Panama ready to ship in the next week or so. Do you still need a share?
Hi there Emma. I hope you are still in Colombia. Early december would be perfect to share a container!


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Our team is in Panama City right now. We have 3 Harley Davidson motorcycles. I believe us and a car would fit, splitting 4 ways. Anyone interested? The sooner the better.
We are also riding back sometime in late January or early February.


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I am in San Cristobal de las Casas now, heading for Argentina by motorcycle. Not sure yet when I'll get to panama but looking for most reasonable way to cross gap, maybe container share?
Are you still looking for a share? We have 3 motorcycles. Looking to share 4 ways.


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I am unsure if anyone is seeing my messages. It appears that several people are in Panama City this week looking to share a container. If interested contact
We have 3 motorcycles looking to split the fair 4 ways.

Torstein Hoset

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Hi guys,

We're two cheerful young surfers, one Norwegian and one Argentine, driving from San Francisco to Ushuaia in our tiny little Suzuki Grand Vitara. We're currently in Nicaragua, making our way south, and we're looking to share expenses with someone crossing from Panama to Colombia sometime in mid-to-late December. We have not yet been in touch with any of the shipping companies, but are more than willing to initiate contact as soon as we find someone willing to split costs. Please PM or (preferably) email if you are interested.

Torstein Hoset

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Is anyone in/around Panama, looking to ship soon? We're right outside Colon, hoping to find someone to share a container with for shipping date in early January. Anyone interested?


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This is very helpful information. Thanks for putting this together! My fiancé and I just arrived in Panama and are looking to ship our car to Columbia within the next 7-10 days - very short notice, but we had absolutely no clue what out itinerary would look like since we've been on the road for a few months.

Sounds like Everlogistics is the way to go - is there an email address I can contact Boris directly at? We'd love to get his help with finding another person to share the container with and also like the idea of driving the car into the container ourselves.

Another question - it sounds like the vessel leaves Panama on Sundays (arriving Mondays) but the loading actually happens the Tuesday before? Is this correct? This would be ideal for us as we'd like to sail around the San Blas island for a few days before getting to Cartagena and this would give us a week until we actually have to pick up our car from the port.

Thank you!!!


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Is anyone looking to split a container around end of January. We will be in Panama mid January and hope to ship before February. We have a Chevy Astro van. Please email if interested: Thanks for all the great info on this page.


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Hello. We are in Cartagena and looking to share a 40ft container (possibly cubed) from cartagena to colon ASAP. Please get in touch if you know of anyone wanting to share. I have got quotes and have done lots of the prep...


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Hello all!
I am currently in Bogota, but plan on making my way up to Cartagena in the next few days. I will be wanting to split a container once I get there by the end of February. I have never done this before, so I would also appreciate any help you all could give me with the process.

Roger scott

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I am looking to get my car from panama to cartagena after the 15th of march. Contact me if interested in sharing.



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Looking to a share container to or from Panama to Colombia?

Please post your details in the thread below, shipping from and to and expected dates

The only roro service from Panama to Colombia is with SC Line. Rates and schedules for RORO are detailed here *

There is no Ferry Xpress nor San Blas

Container shipping
rates here

Example prices
Prices for North & South bound passage to and from the US, Panama & Colombia

This is to give everyone a clear idea of what to expect, generally RORO is always cheaper, there are no trucking costs, stuffing costs etc . Container shipping is more secure,

All Examples are for a 4x4 under 5m

South Bound
Panama – Colombia RORO - $860 + Colombia fees $152 = 4 days vehicle to be available
Container – Single 20ft $1800 2 Cars 40ft $2030 – Price per car $1015, includes all costs - 5 days for vehicle to be available
Motorbike RORO - SC Line RORO Motorbike rate: Ocean Rate: $380, BAF 20%, THC, $150, BL $50 Total around $656 per bike.

North Bound
Colombia – USA-FL RORO - $782.50 (does not include US clearing agent, and EPA approval is required if not a USA vehicle, I can provide details if required) - 6 - 7 days
Colombia – Panama RORO - $1400 (goes via the USA and Mexico first) 12-13 days

Container – same as above

All costs exclude passengers, when deciding which shipping option suits you best consider shipping times, and additional costs that may be incurred due to this. travel, meals, hotel or flights etc

If you are looking to share a container, please post your details in this forum just for this

Rates & Schedules can be found here Log into Facebook | Facebook

Recommended Shipping Contacts

SC Line - RORO
SC Line | Your Best RoRo Service

Everlogistics - Container
Bienvenidos a Ever Logistics
See their blog for steps on clearing your vehicle in Cartagena Crossing Panama: Steps To Follow At Cartagena
*Boris will also try and help you find a shipping partner, and will allow you to drive your car into the container.

Other Contacts - Its always good to get several quotes
Seabord Marine

Barwil Agencia S.A

The Rozo Group
The Rozo Group, Maritime agents

Information Required for booking


Passport Number:

Plate Number:
Measurements: (L,H,W)
Nationality of the Vehicle:

We do not recommend the use of an agent in either Colombia or Panama. Most agents will get you to do all the running around for the DIJ, Customs and BL, so add little value for a cost of $150 - $200.

We have also been made aware that these same "agents" also quote more for the shipping rates. So please please book direct.

Many people have not used agents, so just ask for instructions on our forum or FB Group Log into Facebook | Facebook

Let me know if you need any help, advice or contacts, always happy to help if i can.

Shipping with Everlogistics - Container
Specific Information in relation to shipping with Evergreen Boris

You have to notify us at least the 6 days before the departure of the vessel, for make the booking.

The Vessel departure each Sunday and arrive to Cartagena Colombia on Monday night and you have until Wednesday to take your car out of port

Please visit our blog to compare the inside measurements of the containers with the measurements of your vehicle.

Crossing Panama: Container Measures

Cost at Panama:

-1x20 STD = 1,150.00 USD

-1x40 HQ = 1,300.00 USD (this is to share costs and space with another car, which is ideal and less expensive for each one. )

All in Panama . . . freight, documentation, terminal fees from Port, bunker and we guide you.(There is no extra cost here in Panama).

At Cartagena, Colombia you have to pay:

1x20STD = 700.00 USD

1x40HQ = 730.00 USD (this is sharing cost with another vehicle.)( between custom, port and doc. Fees) we cannot receive this pay at Panama.

Total cost for the whole process at Panama and Cartagena

20 feet container: 1850.00 (this include all the costs in both sides)

40 feet container: 2030.00 (this include all the costs in both side)(this is sharing with another vehicle each one pay 1015.00)

Load the vehicle into the container ca be done on Tuesday,, Wednesday or Thursday and the day before you have to do the inspection at Panama City. So, 2 business days for shipping process. One in the city for the inspection and another 80 kms in Colon, to customs and port.

The port is CCT (Colon Container Terminal).


the idea is to start Monday to load Tuesday or Tuesday to load Wednesday. Depends on your choice and when you arrive to Panama City

Note: some clients put in a 40HQ container 2 vehicles and 1 motorbike so the cost is less per vehicle.
Hi, we are looking to share a container early March heading south. We have a Toyota pickup and are in Costa Rica at the moment


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I am looking to get my car from panama to cartagena after the 15th of march. Contact me if interested in sharing.

Hi, we are interested, we would like to ship by March 15 if possible. We have not done this before but have made it this we are up for the challenge

Helmut Tanner

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We are currently also in Costa Rica. In Orosi.
We go the next day to Panama. We then want to handle the shipment. We are happy to do that together. We are flexible.
Greetings Helmut and Edda
PS: We are German
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I'm looking to ship my motorcycle north in the next few weeks , if anyone has space in a container and would like to share the cost

Theo de Gueltzl

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Hey !

I am looking for someone to share a 40ft container from Colon, Panama to Cartagena, Colombia.
I will be keen on traveling end of March to mid April.
Please let me know if this works for anyone ?

All the best.
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