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Hi everyone!

I'm very soon to start traveling through South America, although first I have to figure out a way to cross my little CGL 125 Honda from Panama to Colombia.

After reading several blogs of people that have done something similar it seems that there are not that many ways of crossing my motorcycle without exceeding my budget so it appears that sharing a container is not that expensive and is a quite safe option to take.

If anyone has any other suggestion of how I can cross to Colombia and not spend too much money but also not taking any extra risks for myself or my bike, I will very much appreciate it!

I'm planning on crossing around mid October, it could also be by the end of September depending on if I manage to find someone to share the container with by that date.

Thank you very much for the help!!


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Though it's a little late, and you may have already crossed the country, but I would like to share information for your next tour. It is important to hire the best vehicle transport company for shipping the bikes. Motorcycle hauling or motorcycle transport is very different then shipping a vehicle like car or small pickup trucks. Methods of loading and hauling a motorcycle will greatly differ than that of a vehicle as they are lighter and take less space on a carrier because of its size. For more helpful hints, click to read more or you may search online about the transport services.
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