Preparing for around the world in a truck with our kids.

May 3, 2019
Thanks for the add!

A new member here but been around on other Forums during the build of our current FG84 4x4 camper truck and prior travels both internationally and locally ex Cape Town, South Africa.

Amidst these pages and this community we hope to find some of the information, currently specifically on Ro-Ro shipping routes for our truck, and other advice to be had on planning for our upcoming round the world trip.

We are a family of 4, kids aged 10 & 12. We will home school our children on the road.

The delivery date of our new larger 15 ton Iveco overland truck is Nov 2019 and we plan on departing Cape Town in Apr/May 2020 for the first leg of the global trip accross Africa. For this part of our travels we hope to keep up to date on political events and other potential issues of the African countries via the Overlanding Africa Facebook page and other sources.

I look forward to reading the stories and advice of those that have gone before us, and sharing our travels with those that will follow us.

Attached is a photo of our current build, a 6-ton Fuso FG 4x4, out of interest.