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I currently have a Tacoma with an overland build. If I can lock gear in the bed of the truck (with a topper) Can I ship RORO? or will I be forced to ship in a container?

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I shipped RORO from Colon to Cart. in 2014.

After the police inspection in Panama City. ( Many posts on this process. ) I have a camper body where my truck bed used to be and here's how it went;

In Colon after getting the bill of laden and the passport stamp out for the vehicle, I was directed to the area where they inspected the vehicles before shipping. They inspected the interior of my camper ( person & a dog. ) I was then allowed to lock the camper body up in there presents, I kept the only key to this area. You will then be told to go outside of the fenced off area. ( See attached photo. ) The only key they wanted for shipment was for the driver compartment to drive the vehicle on to the ship. ( Take any and all items of worth out of the cab of your Tacoma. ) I borded up the large windows and the passthru to the driver compartment for extra security. ( See attached photo. ) My camper body was not opened up again until I went thru it with Columbian police in Cart.

Note: I used SC Line, nothing was stolen or damaged.

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