RoRo Shippping of a 21 foot vehicle from Panama to Colombia

Stephan Cogels

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Dear Overlanders,

We are trying to ship RoRo our RV - Camping Car from Panama to Colombia. Unfortunately, SC Line tells us the earliest ship is only on 28 Jan 2016 which is very late.
Does anyone one have any suggestions? Any other shipping lines? We can ship our Vehicle Roro from anywhere in Panama (even Porto Limon in Costa Rica) to anywhere in Colombia (Caribbean or west coast).
If not, we must therefore try to adapt to the situation. We can consider flying to Colombia 2,5 weeks earlier… ? In that case, I would pay extra storage (15 – 20 US$ per day) at the Panama port which is ok.

I have 2 more questions:

  1. Does anybody know whether I personally need to stick around in Panama? Or am I allowed to fly to Colombia?

  2. Before handing over the vehicle and the keys, I will first empty the inside of the vehicle and lock everything safely up in the garage (trunk) at the back. Is there a possibility that the customs will request to check the contents of the trunk? If yes, I could leave my garage key to a “friend” who lives close by whom they can call just in case… He will then drive over, open the trunk to show the customs and lock the garage.
Thank you for your reply.
Kind regards.
Stephan Cogels
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