SALE: Series 80 Land Cruiser for sale in Nairobi


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Our Series 80 Land Cruiser has now completed 3 "big trips" around Africa, and has just completed a full service/maintenance so it ready for its next "big trip".

1) Nairobi to Capetown and back (previous owner)
2) Nairobi to Capetown and back - Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya.
3) Nairobi to Lake Tanganyika and back - Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya (friends).

It's fully set up for long trips: Old Man Emu suspension, winch, tow hook, snorkel, Howling Moon awning, refrigerator (and third battery), 2 spare wheels, roof rack with 60 L fuel tanks, 40 L water tanks, toolbox, and second spare wheel/tyre, sand ladders, airbag inflation jack, compressor.

In addition:

- Fitted bed inside vehicle (hinged for rear seat access if needed). Easy to remove if not needed
- Specially designed mattress (multi-density viscoelastic foam) built for us, with two pillows and fitted sheets
- Fitted frame at rear with large drawer (for tools etc.)
- Stainless steel work top on rear lower tailgate
- Cooler/ice-maker between front seats with 6 water bottles

This is the "legendary" series 80; ideal for Africa. It's a very experienced vehicle, somewhat "bush-scarred" by extensive travel in the remoter parts of Southern and Eastern Africa. It's ideal for tough roads as well as comfortable for long journeys on highways. We have covered over 40,000 Km in the car, and would not hesitate to set out on another 40,000 Km in it.

It's in Nairobi and this would be the preferred sales point, however we are willing to consider delivery elsewhere if appropriate.

Starting Price (open for discussion) is USD 13,000

If interested message me and I'll follow up with full details.
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