Selling 2007 Toyota 4Runner 4x4 w/ USA Plates


New Overlander
Apr 18, 2015
We are driving to Argentina in a 2007 4Runner bought in the USA with New Jersey plates. It is difficult/impossible to import a vehicle so I'm looking for a foreign passport holder to sell to in Argentina. We will arrive in Argentina around June 20.

Mileage is currently 125,000 miles (200,000 km)
Car is in excellent condition and has the following work done at the beginning of the trip.
New Brakes/rotors
New Firestone Destination All-Terrain Tires
New Engine oil, crank shaft oil and filters
New Transmission fluid and differential fluid.
Brand new Bilstein 5100 Suspension installed front and back.
Bushguard installed
Roofrack installed

During our trip we have done the following:
Oil/filter change at 120,000 miles
Oil/filter change at 124,000 miles
Brakes changed at 124,000 miles. New ceramic pads, front and back.

Other equipment:
Kitchenette built in the back with drawer storage and pullout table
900 W Inverter hard wired with 8 gauge wire
Gas grill and 2 tanks
450W Hamilton Beach Juicer
2 person tent, air mattress and pillows
Mosquito Net, First Aid Kit and Tarp
Spare parts for 4Runner
Plastic containers, cooler w/ freezer packs and freezer bag
Tool kits with basic equipment for repairs/replacements

The car has New Jersey license plates and title. The selling process is fairly simple. We will create and sign a Bill of Sale between us, I will sign over the title and then we will go to a lawyer to create a Power of Attorney from me for you to drive the vehicle. (You will need this Power of Attorney to cross borders with the original title).

If you want new plates and title you will need an address in the USA to have them sent to before forwarding them to Argentina, but it is doable.

We are asking for US$17,000 (P155,000) for the vehicle. It will have ~130,000 miles (208,000km) on it at the time of purchase. But this may change depending on our route

Please contact me by email if you are interested.

Pictures and more information listed here: