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Folks, indicative shipping costs from Europe (Antwerp, Rotterdam) to Montevideo, Uruguay received early 2017 firstly from ********* and then an independent freight forwarder in Rotterdam.
Should be a Grimaldi pricelist attached below?

As a passenger inside a cabin from Europe to South America

Thank you for your inquiry regarding a camper shipment to South America. As passenger the only possible port of destination is Montevideo in Uruguay.

Attached you find a current cabin price list. Port of loading: Hamburg or Antwerp.
The vessels sail 2-3 times per month, and arrive 4 weeks later at the port of destination.
As passenger you can drive your camper on your own on and off the vessel. There are no extra harbor fees or fuel surcharges.

A motorhome can be shipped fully equipped (incl. camping equipment and personal belongings like clothes), but it must look apparently empty. That means everything has to be neatly stowed in closets and storage areas. Of course it’s forbidden to transport food, alcohol, weapons, drugs, etc. inside the camper.

We can offer you a Marine Insurance with a premium of 1% of the current vehicle’s value.

If you would like to travel with your Motorhome as a passenger on board you have to book quite early. Due to the rare number of cabins (5-6 on each vessel) most cabins between August and November are sold out many months up to one year in advance.

So you should make a reservation quite early! For a reservation we will need the full name of all traveling passengers, the preferred cabin type and the preferred departure date.

To travel in a cabin you have to be very flexible! Due to our experience from the last years the departure will be a few weeks later than in the schedule. Even shortly before the departure the shipping company can still change the timetable.

Here are the currently available cabins in April and May:
- On 03rd of April, BI, DE, EM, Gr.San Paolo
- On 14th of April, BI, DE, eM, Gr.Francia
- On 25th of April, BI, DE, EM, Gr.Buenos Aires
- On 06th of May, BI, EM, Gr.Brasile
- On 17th of May, DE, EM, Gr.Amburgo
- On 28th of May, BI, DE, EM, Gr.Nigeria
DI/BI = inside cabin; DE = outside cabin; EM = owners cabin

Our special service:

If you book with us, you will get with the booking confirmation additional information about:
- the port of embarking (maps, GPS coordinates, etc.)
- the port of destination (maps, GPS coordinates, etc.)
- tips for travelling on a freight vessel
- campgrounds near Montevideo (for the first nights and as storage if you want to fly home during your journey)

- preperation of the motorhome
- gas- & power supply (power transformer & gas adapters can be bought by us)
- a gas filling station near Montevideo
- a marine insurance
- a road & liability insurance in South & North America

Independent Broker

See rates below sole use of 40 HC Container:

basis - one camper truck - 620x220x270 cms - 5700 kgs
I assumed that truck will be delivered to our depot

ro/ro - Grimaldi

receipt charges eur 75,00
customs eur 65,00
weighing charge eur 20,00
bl fee eur 45,00
loading charges eur 25,00
seafreight eur 350,00 per lineair meter ( basis on terminal measured length)

40ft high cube container
loading/lashing eur 375,00
customs eur 35,00
isps eur 22,00
bl fee eur 45,00
trucking eur 295,00
weighing charge eur 90,00
seafreight eur 950,00/40ft hc

both optoins rates are excluding all destination charges , ro/ro we estimate to be lower then container

additional transport insurance : 0,875% over declared value - minimum eur 125,00

excl. exam fees demurrage detention destination charges pickuop charges NL

rates are only valid till 28/2/17



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With Grimaldi, the rates are set by different departments depending on whether you book cargo only or you book as a passenger.

If you book as cargo only the port fees are more than as a passenger with cargo - but you are not paying for being on board. - Agents will provide different pricing depending on their margin

If you book as a passenger you are provided prices by a different department, the shipping prices are more and include the shipping, the port fees are less. All agents will provide the same price for this as its set by the company and commission paid to the agents.

********** is an expensive agent, lot more than most others agents, IVSS Vehicle shipping is the go to shipping agent for RORO and containers

The last rates we were offering were €330 per LM (However i would need to reconfirm these, they are only a month old)

For container the sea rates seems high, i just checked the rates. Does your quote include THC and LSL, also does it include THC are the destination.

You can also get a quote from us @ if you like or complete the quotation form here Shipping Quotation | Car 4x4 Motorhome Shipping
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Thanks for the response and info. I was already committed with the Rotterdam agent or I would have sought a quote.
I opted for a sole use HC container with all up costs ex Rotterdam to Montevideo of 1812€ including THC and agents fees but not costs for destination - which I thought quite reasonable.


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Thats not too bad, just be prepared for costs in Montevideo to be quite a bit.

Let us know if you need help returning to Europe we can offer prices a lot cheaper than ********* ;-)

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Can you share de independent broker contact for shipping from Rotterdam to Montevideo? We would like to make a quotation with him. Thanks a lot for the info, Michelle and Roy

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I've sent you a private message with the agents details in Rotterdam.

We used Eduardo Kessler as our customs agent in Montevideo. I'd recommend him, very friendly, relaxed and well organised.
iOverlander | Eduardo Kessler - Independent Shipping Agent

Total destination fees at Montevideo were $1800 USD including Eduardo's costs of $250. Makes the costs ex Rotterdam + Shipping look cheap. The ship arrived on a Friday afternoon, no Customs available over the weekend and we had the truck out of the port Tuesday afternoon. I thought Eduardo's cost well worth it.

If you speak Spanish you may be able to organise this yourself but there was a $120 USD a day cost for the container on the dock past the first 3 days so you wouldn't want the process to take extra time.
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