Shipping of Motohome to Canada and later on to Europe


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Hi all,
We want to ship our Motorhome in March or April from Malaysia to Canada (West-Coast) and in July from from Canada (Est-Coast) to Continantal Europe.
Our car is a Mercedes Benz 914 AK:
-built in 1995
-weight: 7500kg
-Length: 7m
-heigth: 3,6m
-Width: 2,5m

Anyone an idea how to do that?

Many thanks in advance

Best regards


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Hi there did you get any joy with the shipping from Malaysia - we are in KL at the moment and want to do the same. Not having much luck finding anyone


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Hi suzanne,
Plans have changed and at a certain moment we stopped looking for connections to Canada. US does not seem to be a problem and with the right forwarder you should be able to get also a connection via Taiwan or Japan to Vancouver. If your vehicle fits in a container it surely should not be a problem at all. Open flat rack is causing always the trouble (which we need). Eventually We decided otherwise and ship the car late July back to Europe. After doing a lot of research we ended up with UNION forwarding. Of course we do not know how things will be handled but looks promising so far . During our inquiry I also made a big list of all people which we contacted and the corresponding prices of there offers. If you are interested I can send it to you.
Hope that helped a bit,
Where are you now?


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