South America Campsite Log


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May 26, 2013
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South America Campsite Log

We have compiled several camping logs from other travelers and we are posting it to get some beta from potential users and share this compiled document. Keep in mind, this is a work in progress and we still have a lot to do, but so far here is the list for Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia. We're currently working on Chile & Argentina, so we'll update this list soon.

Hostel Villa Esther GPS: 11°16'2.66"N 74°11'18.76"W Cost: COP$75,000 for a triple with fans
Date we stayed: June 26, 2012
Water & Bathroom: Yes, Showers: Cold, Electricity: Yes, Internet: Yes, Kitchen: Yes, Restaurant: No, Parking: Yes
Notes: A nice, quiet place to stay in Taganga. Great kitchen and friendly owner. Rooms with AC available. Nice open courtyard with tables, chairs and fans.
Ocaña - Looked like it would be possible to camp at Los Estoraques Natural Park N8 13.254 W73 14.310 , 1461 m, which might be the reason for coming to this area. Located in the Northern Santander region, east of Aguachica
North of Rio Negro on Highway 45- Balneario Camp N7 17.434 W73 09.234 692 m
Price: 10.000 pesos. Camped on gravel/grass next to a building so we had shelter when it rained. Power, toilet and cold shower. They had a restaurant we did not use except for coffee.
El Ganadero Rest Camp N6 05.234 W73 23.217 1530 m
North of Santa Ana on highway 45. Price: 3000 pesos to the night guard and we had dinner in the restaurant. Camped in a gravel parking lot a bit away from the road. A room was opened for us so we could use the toilet and hot shower. Quiet overnight.
Villa de Leyva - ***** Rencon Guesthouse Camp (Hostal Renecer?) N5 38.482 W73 30.791 2235 m
Price: 16.000 pesos. Camped in their parking lot. Good water to fill up tanks. Nice and quiet location outside town (15 min walk), good facilities and a kitchen we could use. Nice and clean toilet and hot showers. WIFI.
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED…Back behind the main common area and kitchen they've built several flat, grassy areas for tent campers. A rare find in these parts.Temperatures are wonderfully cool, something we thoroughly enjoyed after months in Central America and sweltering week Cartagena. There are two common areas, one indoor and one outdoor, both with fireplaces. The upper common area has a grill, kitchen, hammocks, free coffee throughout the day and plenty of space to spread out. There's even a wood-fire pizza oven!There's plenty to do in Villa de Leyva - horseback riding, mountain biking and many miles of hiking trails. There's a winery nearby, and the town itself, sporting the largest central square in Colombia, is a great place to go for a stroll. There is a book and maps with plenty of activities and tours in the hostel. One could easily spend weeks here and still not do everything.
Villa de Leyva - Camping San Jorge, Villa de Leyva (N5 38.915 W73 31.133)
C11k per person per night. Water (tap on main building) and Electricity (sockets in small camping palapa) available. Hot showers + flush toilets (very clean). Friendly host and lovely dogs. We were the only people there during the week but a few tent campers turned up for the weekend. You have to drive down a rough stony track to get there and the turn from the main road is N5 38.915 W73 31.133. No height restrictions and large gravel car park for turning around.
Villa de Leyva - Zona de Camping-Great location only a few blocks from the main plaza of Villa De Leyva. Big grassed lot with bathrooms and cold showers right in the middle of town. You can run an extension chord into the bathroom for electricity. Cost = 10,000 COP per person per night plus 10,000 COP for the vehicle (30,000 COP or about $15 per night for a couple). When you drive into town, follow the road past the main plaza 2 blocks and it is on the left. Note: there is a covered gate you drive through into the lot. We didn’t have any trouble with clearance, however a German couple in a camper couldn’t get through due to boxes on their roof. If you have a really high vehicle you might have problems getting in.
Villa de Lleyva - Renacer Guest House- also known as "Colombian Highlands" (N5 38.482 W73 30.791)
Great place to meet overland travelers! Located just outside of Villa de Leyva about a 15 minute walk from town. It is a hostel with private rooms and an area for camping, in a very relaxed, beautiful setting. Bathrooms and hot showers are shared with the dorm rooms. You can run an extension chord for electricity. Free wi-fi internet, a big nice kitchen area and a nice hang out area as well. The same owners have a tour company in town called Colombian Highlands, and are a great source of information on the area and tour packages. Cost = 14,000 COP per person in the high season. From Villa de Leyva take the road to Tunja out of town, after about a half a mile, turn right just after a small bridge. Follow the dirt road past the military base about 100 meters, turn right at the sign for Renacer Guest House.
Between Villa de Lleyva and Bogota - Lake Embalse De Nuesa (N05º10.223', W073º57.520')
Beautiful place to camp, on the shore of a lake. 4,000 COP entry per person, plus 14,000 COP for 1-2 people camping fee. Incredible views with wide open space. Bathrooms and showers available, but for some reason they were locked while we were there. Each campsite has a small shelter, a picnic bench, and a fire pit. There's at least 15-20 official campsites with tons of room for larger vehicles. The road leading here is quite terrible and bumpy, but worth it.
Tatacoa Desert: Camp Tatacoa Observatory N3 14.061 W75 10.210 469 m
Price: 7500 pesos. Camped on the gravel parking lot next to the observatory. Toilet was open all night and there were some outdoor showers we did not try. Really quiet at night.
Tierradentro: Camp Tierradentro Museo N2 34.217 W76 02.195 1553 m
Price: free. We camped on the grassy parking lot of the museum. On facilities after the opening hours of the museum (8-16). Night guard walked around at night. Next to the road, but no traffic at night. The road up to Tierradentro is rough and narrow, but no problem for a 2 wheel drive. We camped next to a French Mercedes Sprinter.
Gracias? - Camp Villa Claudia N2 24.382 W75 31.845 900 m
Price: 10.000 pesos. Camped on the gravel parking lot of this hotel and balenario, it was on Highway 45. Nice location. The clean toilets (with toilet seats and paper) was open overnight and they had showers, but we did not try them. Huge and good dinner portions that we paid 32.500 pesos for including some beers.
San Agustin - Camp Finca El Maco N1 53.533 W76 16.792 1730 m
Price: 15.000. Camped on a grassy area in a small slope, but leveled it out with rocks. Nice location and quiet except for the “guard” dogs that barked a lot some night. Kitchen was available so we could cook our own food. Ping pong table and hammocks. They had WIFI but it did not work when we were there. We ordered some of their good home made whole wheat breads.
San Agustin - Hotel Andaquies (recommended by Bip Bip Americas)
Just outside of town on Popayan side. Nice quiet place overlooking town. 5000 COP per person, wifi, bathrooms, showers.
near San Agustin - Finca el Cielo (N01º54'16.8 W76º16'48.4)
3km outside of town
near San Agustin - Hostal Hacienda Anacoana - (N1 53.986 W76 16.867)
Parking on driveway of beautiful hotel in lovely grounds. Toilets. Power with long lead from outside rooms. Water from laundry room – we didn’t fill because it had funny colour. Restaurant for nice meals. Hot shower available on request. Cost: 15,000 COP per night. Hotel can also arrange horse riding in surrounding area.
Laguna de la Cocha - Camp Chalet Guamuez N1 08.266 W77 08.485 2806 m
Located Southeast of Pasto. Price: free if you have dinner. A Swiss Chalet in a nice location. We camped on the gravel parking lot. Toilet was open all night, but we never asked for a shower. Large dinner portions and it was good, and we were seated in front of the fire place!! We paid 44.000 pesos for two dinners, juice and a glass of wine. They had WIFI for 1000 pesos per hour.
Guatavita - Hotel Finca Monticello GPS: 4°56'16.80"N 73°49'35.25"WCost: COP$15,000 per person to camp. Date we stayed: July 5, 2012
Located Northeast of Bogota. Water & Bathroom: Yes, Showers: Cold, Electricity: Yes, Internet: No, Kitchen: No?, Restaurant: No, Parking: Yes
Notes: A quaint place in a quaint town. As usually, very friendly owner who made us feel right at home. Quiet campgrounds in front or behind the property. Areas for grilling and campfires.
Playa Los Angeles-11.292894º N, 73.891640º W
Located east of Santa Marta next to Parque Tayrona. Beautiful beach, with places for tents. You can drive a vehicle in to camp during the dry season or when the rain hasn’t been too bad (when we were there we couldn’t drive in because the road was pure mud from the rain). Bathrooms and cold water showers. Cost = 5,000 COP per night per person. From Santa Marta take the highway towards Riohacha. At km 33.5 you will see the sign for Playa Los Angeles on the right side of the road.
La Guajira Peninsula - Cabo de la Vella- The Guajira Peninsula is hard to get to but well worth the effort. There is an area right in town where you can camp on the beach, for a few dollars a night. There are no amenities besides the amazing view. You can also camp on the beach just before getting to the main part of town where it is a bit quieter. Ask at any of the houses along the beach for permission. The occupants of the houses will ask for a few thousand pesos. This area is somewhat of a no-mans land so it is best to camp around people and pay for the privilege to insure your safety and the safety of your possessions. It also wouldn’t hurt to buy some fresh lobster off your hosts if offered. The price is good, and they will even cook it for you if you don’t feel like it.
Eje Cafetero-Salento
Camping Monteroca- N04.64375, W75.58395
Located in the little town of Bocia about 4 km from Salento. The bus into Salento stops right out front and costs 1,000 COP per person (about $0.50) It is a actual campground right next to the river. The place is ideal for tent camping, but you can park you rig next to the office. Bathrooms, wonderful outside hot water showers, three big kitchen areas, hang out areas, and hammocks. You can run an extension chord for electricity. Cost = 15,000 COP per person per night. The road into Salento passes through the little town of Bocia, and Monteroca is on the left just before the river. It has good signage and is hard to miss.
Salento - La Serrana Hostel- N04 37.824 W75 34.968
Located about 1.5 km outside of Salento. It is a working ecofarm and hostel, and has a nice flat spot for camping with an amazing view of the surrounding countryside. Bathrooms and hot showers are located inside the hostel along with a nice kitchen, great hangout areas, and a living room with a good selection of movies. Free wi-fi internet, and the owner would probably let you run an extension chord for electricity. You can even help milk the cows if you are willing to get up early. Week nights the owner cooks a delicious family style meal, enjoyed with all the other guests at one table, and is well worth the reasonable price. Cost = 10,000 COP per person including breakfast. We liked it so much here, we had a hard time leaving! Driving into Salento, take the first right at the sign for Plantation House hostel, at the T go left and continue to follow the road around to the right and past the cemetery (the road turns into dirt at the cemetery). After about 1.2 km past the cemetery, go left at the Y and you will see the sign for La Serrana.
near Medellin, in Santa Helena - La Casa Colombiana GPS: 6°12'37.63"N 75°30'11.08"W Cost: $6,000 per person to camp
NO LONGER EXISTS AT THIS LOCATION. We arrived and it was closed down. Supposedly they have relocated, but we could not find any more details.
near Medellin, in Santa Helena - Uchuva Lounge Restaurant Cabinas (GPS N6 13.842 W75 29.581)
Great place to stay outside of Medellin on a small finca. Wonderful restaurant with nice little cabins where they will let you camp out front. Small shared kitchen near where you can park. Hot showers and bathrooms you can use at the cabins. Good WIFI near or in the restaurant. Nearby hiking in the park. Very nice place run by a friendly Venezuelan family, they are trying to cater more towards overland travelers so they may have more amenities in the future. You can actually take a gondola cable car from the National Park (Parque Arvi), all the way into downtown Medellin. It also looked like there could be some good spots to camp in Parque Arvi. Also some nice grassy areas down the hill for sleeping in tents.
near Guatape, El Peñol parking lot (GPS N6° 13' 20.79", S75° 10' 43.10")
Beautiful place to camp at the base of El Peñol, which is a giant volcanic rock that you can climb 700+ steps to the top. You can camp for free in the parking lot after paying the feeto park(4000 COP). The nearby food stalls and souvenir shops close at night and the place is very quiet. Impressive views from the top of the rock, and at the edge of the parking lot (towards town). No amenities, but we used the pay bathrooms near the entrance before everything closed down. If our coordinates are wrong, just look for the giant rock sticking out of the ground, you can see it from miles away.
Guatape - Boat launch (GPS N6° 14' 8.48", S75° 9' 12.83")
Great spot to camp for free. Just after you pass the town of Guatape, you will go across the bridge. Turn right, and you will see a very small peninsula that is used as a public boat launch. Even though we rarely stealth camp, we camped here for three days with no problems. It is a very public spot so we felt safe, even though we ignored a nearby sign that says no camping. We asked several neighbors and they said it was fine to camp there. There is a nearby campground where you can pay a small fee to use the cold showers and bathrooms. Just be sure not to block the way for the boat launch at the tip of the peninsula, we didn't realize it was a boat launch so we made this mistake and someone left us a nasty note. Easy 5 minute walk into town of Guatape, which is an interesting place to walk around due to the ornately decorated buildings. If you have a bicycle, the BMX track in town may interest you.
Manizales - La Hacienda Veneciana GPS: 5° 2'16.84"N 75°33'49.15"W Cost: COP$15,000 per person to camp
Date we stayed: July 23, 2012, Water & Bathroom: Yes, Showers: Hot, Electricity: Yes, Internet: Yes, but was a single 3G modem that did not work very well, Kitchen: Yes, Restaurant: Yes
Notes: A very relaxing guesthouse with great camping spots along a river running through a coffee farm. Very helpful management. A great pool with hammock-lined patio for chilling. Restaurant serves set meals for a small fee and coffee, rum and beers are for sale. Espresso machine, coffee roaster and a fresh supply of beans grown on-site are free to guests. Grill available for use outside. The road in can be a bit bumpy, 4x4 required if you come from the south as the road is washed out into the river.
San Neguarge beach - NP Tayrona N 11° 18.934' W 74° 04.806'
While this place does not officially have a zona de camping - at least according to the map at the park entrance gate - no one seemed to mind that we stayed the night. One of the soldiers we talked to said it was ok. Facilities were limited - toilets were available for a small fee and we saw no water supply.
Cali - La Casa Cafe Hostel (Hostel only) GPS: 3°26'51.40"N 76°32'20.87"W Cost: COP$30,000 for a single
Date we stayed: July 26, 2012. Water & Bathroom: Yes, Showers: Cold, Electricity: Yes, Internet: Yes, Kitchen: Yes, Restaurant: Yes, Parking: No, parking on the street is not recommended
Notes: A simple and cheap hostel to stay at in Cali. Kitchen isn't the best, but the restaurant is decent. Beds are harder than your average patch of dirt and grass. Dorms and private rooms available but no AC.
Cali - Casa Blanca Hostel (GPS: 3.469094, -76.529791)
We were told by a moto traveler that this is a nice overlander meeting place where it's possible to camp. We didn't end up going here so we have no details.
Outside of Cali, in Pance - La Reserva Ambiental La Castellana (camping) GPS: 3°20'2.70"N 76°38'22.44"W Cost: $10,000 per person to camp
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Date we stayed: July 27, 2012 *West of town, in National Park
Water & Bathroom: Yes, Showers: Cold, Electricity: Yes, Internet: No (But coming soon!), Kitchen: Yes, Restaurant: Yes, Parking: Yes
Notes: Another top pick on our trip. Friendliest owners on the planet. On the road to Pance there are dozens of places to camp, but you should hold out until the end of the road for this gem. All the facilities but internet, and the owners plan to add that very soon. Beautiful property, tons of space to spread out. Areas to grill, watch TV, hang out, go for a swim and fish.
Popayan - (hostel w/nearby parking) GPS: 2°26'37.07"N 76°36'36.41"W Cost: COP$63,000 for a private triple with bathroom
Date we stayed: July 29, 2012. Water & Bathroom: Yes. Showers: Hot. Electricity: Yes. Internet: Yes. Kitchen: Yes. Restaurant: No. Parking: No, two secured parking lots within a block
Notes: A decent hostel, part of a larger network of hostels, in Popayan. All of the facilities you would expect from a downtown hostel in a central location. TV room, good kitchen and a couple common areas for hanging out. Rooms on the street are very noisy.
Parador Turistica, Patia N 2° 04.411' W 77° 02.365'
Between Popayan and Pasto, slightly south of kilometer post 31 on the southern side of Patia. We got power and cold showers. The price 12,000 pesos per person. We camped at the same Parador, swimming complex at Patia that we used on our southern journey, see 27th August 2009 journal entry. This time the price seemed to be lower - 6,000 pesos per person. The news of the day that might be of interest to other travelers however was buying Colombian vehicle insurance in Ipiales. After some searching we found a SOAT office near the town center on Calle 12 between Carrera 6 and 7. The lady that sold us the insurance obviously knew about tourists with vehicles. She told us she was available on Sundays and holidays if needed. SEE WHITEACORN CAMPING LOG FOR MORE…
Pasto - Hotel Americana (hostel w/nearby parking) GPS: 1°12'41.42"N 77°16'45.50"W Cost: COP$100,000 for a triple
Date we stayed: July 29, 2012. Water & Bathroom: Yes. Showers: Hot. Electricity: Yes. Internet: Yes. Kitchen: Yes. Restaurant: No. Parking: No, secured parking lot within a block
Notes: When we drove through Pasto a large stretch of roads were closed. We ended up at this place largely out of convenience and because we couldn't find the two places we knew about. Decent room, hot showers, can't complain. Breakfast can be included for a small extra fee, but there are many panderias nearby, so better to save your money.
Entrance Gate NP Tayrona N 11° 16.567' W 74° 07.056'
We arrived at the gate to the Parque National Tayrona just after 5:00 pm to discover that entry is not permitted after 5:00 pm. So we camped at the gate. It was expensive, 30,000 pesos and a toilet you paid extra to use.

Restaurant in Aguachica N 8° 18.120' W 73° 35.893' We started looking for a stopping place early today. There was not much today, except drive and we did not want to cover any more ground. We found a 24 hour restaurant with swimming pool just south of the town of Aguachica that would let us park for the night. We spent the afternoon reading, having a few beers, a short swim and eventually dinner.

Gas Station near Rio Chicamucha N 6° 49.628' W 72° 59.469' We spent the night at a gas station just north of where the highway crosses the Rio Chicamucha. We initially tried Chicamucha National Parque only to find out that the park is closed on Mondays. The police at the gate were still prepared to ask the park admin if we could stay, but the administration office did not answer their phone. Next we tried a restaurant/balnerio in the valley north of the park and just north of the crossing of the Rio Chicamucha. This was a nice place, but unfortunately they are closed on Mondays and Tuesdays (except when there are holidays - that's why they were open today but would be closed tomorrow and we wouldn't be able to exit). They suggested the gas station about 1 km up the road.

Just south of Buga, North of Cali N 3° 50.103' W 76° 17.888'
By luck we found a great camping place for the night. Just south of Buga, and north of Cali, we came upon the entrance on the eastern side of the highway at GPS N 03 50.23 W 76 18.07 to Parque Natural Regional El Vinculo. The camping area in this park is at the top of a modest hill from which there are great views of the valley. There are toilets, electricity, cold showers, a large and nice picnic shelter and a kitchen area. The hill got a slight breeze when we were there, which was a great relief from the humidity and insects.

(near Ecuador border) Santuario de las Lajas - Casa Pastoral Hotel w/parking GPS: 0°48'23.85"N 77°34'58.41"W Cost: COP$18,000 for 2 person matrimonial
Date we stayed: July 29, 2012. Water & Bathroom: Yes. Showers: Hot. Electricity: Yes. Internet: No. Kitchen: No. Restaurant: Yes. Parking: Yes, lot in front is guarded at night
Notes: A very simple place at the end of the main parking where the trails lead down to the church, next to the internet cafe. We ended up here because it was cheaper than camping. There are a few other hotels in the area that were cheaper than what we found in Ipiales. A good place to stay before crossing the border as it's only a 15 minute drive to Ecuador.

South of Cali - Brisas Troicales/Turicentro (N03° 19.256' W76° 31.432')
On the PanAm. We heard about this place from someone who had not been to Colombia for 6 or 7 years so we were not sure it still existed, and we had just about given up on it when there it was on the West of the highway. Its a restaurant and swimming park, with a large level grass parking area inside the property. Toilets, cold showers, 3 swimming pools, and quiet. There was no charge for staying the night but we bought dinner at the place. A little North of Brisas Tropicales there is a large gas station on the West of the highway that we did not try but looks like it might work. It was going to be our plan-B if we did not find Brisas Tropicales North of Cali while still on the highway 25 there were a couple of newish gas stations that had enough space for an overnight.

Hacienda Bambusa - N4° 23.963' W 75° 46.515' (White Acorn) We would not have found Bambusa without the directions in their website. The GPS coordinates (provided by travelin-tortugas and questconnect)
N04 25.30 W75 45.68 for the gate house, and N04 24.00 W76 46.51 for the Hacienda. Together with a decent digital map of Colombia only confirmed that we were at the right place. But the map did not have the necessary roads to enable the GPS to route us to the Hacienda. The triangular round about mentioned in the directions is very large, it's more like three connected y intersections than a roundabout, its coordinates are Nnn nn.nnn Wnn nn.nnn. The last of the three consecutive round-abouts is at Nxx Wxx Just before the triangular round there is a small sign on the side of the road for the gas station La Mia. The gas station, an Esso, is after the triangular round about. The left turn into the narrow paved road after La Mia is a 45° turn not a right angle. On the right hand side of the main road at this turn is a rusty sign to El Caimo. The turn is at coordinates Nxx Wxx I will put these GPS coordinates in after we drive out of here. The last part of the directions seem to be in error. The yellow and black bar across the road can be recognized by the weigh bridge right beside it. That is also the entrance to the property and there is a sign for near that gate. From the gate the dirt road to the hacienda travels through banana plantations for a couple of miles.

Armenia - Truck parking lot - N 4° 30.417' W 75° 39.299' (White Acorn)
We were trying to get to Hacienda Bambusa but ran out of daylight on the descent into Armenia. So with no other obvious choices we pulled into a truck parking lot across the road from a mandatory truck weigh bridge on the road that bypasses Armenia on the way to Cali.

Chia - parking lot - N4° 51.447' W74° 02.471' (White Acorn)
We stayed with some friends in Chia last night. Chia Centro is a large mall right next to the Bogota Autopista that has a large fenced and guarded parking lot. We did not try it but there is a chance one could park there overnight.

Embalse Del Neusa N 5°10.041' W 73° 56.049' (White Acorn)
Thanks to the dare2go website for telling us about the wonderful camping spot at Embalse Del Neusa. It is a park of some kind that encompasses the entire lake and has a gravel road that circles the lake with camping at many places on the shore. The dare2go GPS coordinates N 05°10.054' W073°56.020' are very close to where we eventually stayed, and together with our free Colombia GPS map brought us right to the place. The GPS coordinates of the entrance gate are N 05 08.140 W 73 58.003. The route we took was from the center of Zipaquira, through Cogua. On the uphill side of Cogua we took the left hand fork in the road and then simply followed the twisting road to the park. As we discovered when leaving the easier route is from the highway to Bogota, about 5 -6 miles before Zipaquira take the almost unnoticed turn to the right at N 05 04.453 W 73 56.371 Along the road to Embalse Del Neusa the camping and overnight parking at Parque Rio Neusa N05 06.500 W73 58.141. It does not look as nice but would be a good stop if you where running out of daylight. Earlier today we were in the town of Raquira. This is a very interesting small town with lots of craft shops. The town had two parquederos that would fit campers. One on the main street with a more suitable second entrance in a side street. The other was in a side street.

Villa De Leyva - Camping Bomberos & Camping San Jorge - N 5° 38.920' W 73° 31.144' (White Acorn)
We approached Villa De Leyva from Barbosa via Arcabuco and had to ask people a number of times for directions even though there were a few road signs. This approach finds the Bomberos and the entry road to Camping San Jorge before entering the town of Villa De Leyva proper. The GPS coordinates of the entry to Camping San Jorge in front of the Bomberos are N 05 38.833 W 73 31.003 while the camping ground itself is N 05 38.921 W 73.31.145. This is not the same as the coordinates we got from travelin-tortugas and dare2go folks, both of whom gave N 05° 38.922 and W 73° 23.240. As you can see the N coordinates are close but the W are not. I could speculate that the W reading should have been W 72° 32.240. My GPS says that reading is close to the town. We also saw a Zona De Camping close to the main square in Villa De Leyva at about the intersection of Calle 10 and Carrera 10. It had a narrow gate that would give width and maybe height problems to some vehicles. But for SUV's and Vans would be a convenient place.

Barichara - Boondocking behind shrine - N 6° 38.198' W 73° 12.643' (White Acorn)
Just before entering Barichara there is a Madonna shrine or monument on the left hand side of the road with a space behind it that is pretty well shielded from the view of passing traffic. We were in Barichara when it was time to stop for the night and the only other option was the town square. There was a place closer to town offering shaded camping but the entry gate had a height restriction and was not suitable for us. Would work for SUV's and might work for van conversions. We had not checked out San Gil so did not want to temp fate by driving there in the dark in the hope of finding something.

Chicamocha National Park - N 6° 47.401'W 73° 00.239' (White Acorn)
The parking lot at Chicamocha National Park is a great camping spot. Though getting permission was a bit complicated. We had to ask, in turn, the park guards, the park administration, and the national police detachment stationed at the gate. Along the highway into and out of Bucaramanga we saw a number of large modern gas station come truck stops that looked like possible overnight stops. On the first climb out of Bucaramanga we saw a place advertising camping but unfortunately missed getting GPS coordinates for it.

Near Lebrija - Truck stop / hotel / restaurant N 7° 08.170' W 73° 19.464' (White Acorn)
Just south of Lebrija we found a truck stop, restaurant, hotel and tire repair. Talked to the man that ran the tire shop and hotel. Nice truck stop and hotel called Estedero Punta Del Nus towards the end of highway 62 at the town of San Jorge Del Nus, N6° 29.845 W75° 49.652. Very inviting but not far enough along for us.

Porce - Estadero Punta Aparte N 6° 33.024' W 75° 12.651' (Travelin Tortugas and White Acorn)
busy place with lots of buses and trucks pulling in. But the folks here are very friendly and put us in a place out of the flow of traffic. The Texaco at location N06.09.487 W75.37.254 that we saw this morning south of Medellin was crowded with trucks but seemed like a workable over night stop.

North of Bello - Esso Gas station N 6° 23.707' W 75° 26.295' (White Acorn)
on the East side of the highway that has a large fenced truck parking and storage area behind it. The lady pump attendant unlocked the chain so that we could get in. No charge. Through the mountains today there were many gas stations or restaurants that may have been suitable for camping. We think they area called Estadero. Just North of where we stayed there is a water park that we had heard of from other travelers. We could not get inside the park with our vehicle due to height restrictions but there is a bus parking lot outside that may have been suitable.

Taraza - N 7° 35.247'W 75° 23.705' (White Acorn)
There were many places today that would have been suitable for camping. Two that come to mind: Just before Buenavista there is a Terpel Gas station with a large parking area across the road. In the town of Taraza there is a water park that is fenced and looked suitable. Though we did not ask if overnight parking was permitted.

La Luna Hostel - N0 11.78 W78 17.194 (PanAmNotes)
$4/person. No wifi / electricity / hot shower / restaurant with fireplace / english spoken. On the road to La Luna we passed two other places offering camping including Rincon del Viajero
Rincon De Viajero Camping (N0 13.128 W78 16.602, 2656m)
Very nice campsite on a slightly sloping grassy area with room for 2 big campers on the only flat bit. Hot showers, kitchen with gas hob, toilets, power (110v and 230v) and water. 20 minute walk into town or 50c bus. On road to Mojanda lakes. English spoken and very helpful owner Dennis is happy to provide lots of local info. $10 per night.
Cascada De Peguche Waterfall Car Park (N0 14.572 W78 14.562, 2590m)
Could camp here for free.
near Otavalo - Below Laguna Cuicocha (N0 17.556 W78 20.890, 3040m)
Free camping spot with view of valley and across Otavalo. Very quiet. No Facilities. No overnight parking is allowed at Laguna Cuicocha anymore.
Ibarra - Graham’s Place-N00°18.416 W078°07.918
Graham is every overlander’s dream. He is a very nice Australian that owns some land and a nursery just outside Ibarra. He has built a nice kitchen, bathroom, and even a room with a few beds and offers them free of charge to overlanders coming through the area. There is a flat cement slab in front of the kitchen to park and you can run an extension chord for electricity. It is best to send him an email before arriving: to let him know you are coming and get directions. Graham doesn’t accept money for your stay, but I’m sure he would appreciate an invite for a meal while you are there.
Ibarra - Primax Petrol Station (N0 23.412 W78 06.411, 2237m)
Petrol station. Bought Diesel. Toilets. Free
N. of Quito - Mitad Del Mundo Parking (S0 00.241 W78 27.285, 2477m)
Parking for Mitad Del Mundo Monument – May be possible to overnight here.
Mindo - Town Square (S0 03.182 W78 46.460, 1240m)
Parked on Town Square. Quiet overnight. No Problems. Free but no Facilities.
Hotel Quito Parking (S0 12.183 W78 28.847, 2844m)
Parking next to Hotel Quito. Free when staying at the hotel. With big vehicle do not go through main entrance but side entrance at back. Hotel is lovely but expensive at $111 per night (including taxes)
Quito -Hostel Guayunga- (-0° 13' 7.50", -78° 30' 17.87") - found by Lost World Expedition
This hostel has parking inside the hostel, which is hard to find in a big city. The rooms are nothing special, but clean. Prices are a bit high, but being able to park your car securely inside the hostel makes up for the prices. After a couple nights in a room, they allowed us to camp in our vehicle for less money. Very hot showers, decent WIFI, rooftop terrace, basic restaurant onsite with affordable food. Very nice family runs the place. Note: The entrance to the parking has a high clearance, but larger vehicles (larger than a Sprinter or similar sized vehicle) probably won’t be able to fit inside. The other vehicles in the parking area are used for tours, so unless you block yourself in the very far parking spot, you might have to play checkers with your vehicle every morning and night. Located in Quito old town on Calle Antipara y Los Rios, San Blas, Quito, right across the street from Secret Garden Hostel in Quito. (Ruined Adventures 02/2013)

Quito - Parking Lot ( -0.199945,-78.487364) DriveNachoDrive
We camped in a large guarded dirt parking lot in downtown. Met another German overlander in the lot as well. Secure and $3/night, and close to tons of good eats and things to do.

On Way to Papallacta - Roadside Turnout (S0 19.136 W78 13.374,3764m)
Turnout by restaurant on road to papallacta. Free. No Facilties.
Papallacta - Termas (S0 21.715 W78 08.981, 3307m)
Parking in Balneario car park at Thermals. Toilets in camping are. $6 per person. Thermals are $7 per person entry (multiple entry per day allowed). Some of the nicest thermals we have seen.
Papagayo Hotel - (S0 33.469 W78 35.681, 2532m)
Hotel that takes overlanders. Entrance to property down realtively narrow dirt road (ok for us). Turn into gate very tight and we decided not to do it. In a smaller vehicle this would be a great place to stay.

Cotopaxi National Park - Secret Garden Cotopaxi- (Lost World Expedition)
Located about 5 miles and just across the valley from Volcan Cotopaxi, this place has some amazing views! It is actually a hostel that allows camping and use of the facilities including the communal living room, bathrooms, and the jacuzzi. It is located in the middle of nowhere and so provides all meals (breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack, and dinner) as part of the price. Cost = $20 per person per night for camping. Bathrooms and hot water showers and you can run an extension chord for electricity. Heading south from Quito, leave the Pan American Hwy at the town of Machachi (coming from Quito it will be a left turn at the stop light, there is a big horse statue on the corner). Follow this road into town to the main plaza. Turn left at the main plaza and follow the road out of town, you’ll see a sign for Cotopaxi National Park as you are leaving. The road will eventually turn into a rough cobblestone road. Continue to the town of Santa Anna de Pedregal (about 45 minutes). About 2km after the school you will see the Secret Garden sign on the left hand side, turn at the green gate. Follow the driveway (about 3km) to the hostel.

Cotopaxi National Park - Tambopaxi Lodge S0º35.259 W78º26.916 (found by Life Remotely)
US $6.50 per person to camp. Very nice hotel with camping found in Cotopaxi National Park. Has a "ski lodge" atmosphere with HOT showers and good food in the restaurant. Wonderful views of the snow covered volcano, you can see climbers ascend the mountain on a clear day using the telescope. WIFI in restaurant, nice bathrooms. Picnic tables in camping area. Incredible views of Volcan Cotopaxi from the camping area. Very cold at night and very high in elevation. Unless you enjoy very bumpy cobblestone roads, we highly suggest the southern entrance into Cotopaxi National Park! (Ruined Adventures 02/2013)

Cotopaxi National Park - Lake Limpiopungu parking lot (S0° 36' 49.01", W78° 28' 23.66") Ruined Adventures 02/2013
Free camping at the parking lot of a small lake. Basic pit toilets available, other than that there are no amenities. Very peaceful at night with incredible views of the volcano and the lake.

near Lasso on PanAmericana - Petro Commerical - (S0 38.779 W78 35.657, 3507m)
Free. Parking at Gas Station. Toilets available.

Puerto Ayora - Diver’s Lodge (S0 44.488 W90 18.720, 2m)
Small relatively reasonably priced Hotel on Santa Cruz. 5 minutes walk from Charles Darwin Centre.

Cloudforest Hostel (S0 47.922 W78 55.137, 3192m)
Overland trucks stay here so there is room apparently but with a couple of cars already parked there it looked too tight for us.

Laguna Quilotoa - Parking Lot (S0 52.024 W78 54.965, 3878m)
Most of parking lot is slopey but possible to get flat in a couple of places. No facilities although pay toilets are available. $2 per person entry fee. Very windy ! Free to stay night.

Banos – Monte Selva Hostseria - S01 24.063 W78 17.194 (PanAmNotes)
$5/night. wifi in lobby / bathrooms / no shower / electricity / pool. Tents not allowed. Hosteria Duran also allows camping
East of Baños - Pequeño Paraiso- (GPS S01° 24.095 W078° 17.178)
Located next to the river on the right side of the highway from Baños to Tena, just after the turnoff for Rio Verde. $10 USD per vehicle to camp. Bathrooms and hot showers. Highly recommended. Sue and Mark the owners are a wealth of knowledge, they used to drive big overland trucks for Tucan travel, so they know South America (and Africa) very well. Nice garden, good WIFI in common area, nicest shared kitchen we've used. They have a small driveway for smaller vehicles to camp, larger vehicles can camp in the car park at the entrance closer to town. Nearby water spigot at the car park. There is also a large palapa for tents and hammock camping. You can take the bus into Baños for $.50 cents and it only takes twenty minutes. Also a short walk to some incredible waterfalls in either direction. You can also arrange tours for canyoning and rafting thru the owners.
Misahualli - Banana Lodge - (S1 01.927 W77 40.278) Ruined Adventures 02/2013
Very nice place to camp with cold showers and WIFI. We camped in large parking area for hostel, not very private since it's fenced in with chain link fencing, right next to the main road. Great location on the river with a small beach. Short walk into town and you can take a canoe further into the Amazon. Watch out for the monkeys in Misahualli's main plaza! They're aggressive.
Puyo - Monkey Sanctuary - S01° 29.139 W077° 58.004 (Lost World Expedition)
This isn’t a place for camping, although if you ask they may let you camp outside the gates. It is a very cool place for anybody who likes monkeys. They rescue monkeys who have been pets and can no longer be kept as well as wild monkeys. The “tame” monkeys wonder around and interact with the visitors, even going for rides on shoulders and climbing into laps.

Ps Petrol Station (S1 34.269 W78 43.069, 3143m)
Petrol Station Camping. Toilets available. Not bad overnight. Free.

Alausi - Pircapamba Hosteria (S2 11.563 W78 50.771, 2400m)
15 minute walk from train station along nice track. Toilet and warm shower available. Water available. Parking on flat volleyball court. Nice day room with food and games (Table tennis, Pool table, Table football etc.). Cost $10 per night.
Ingapirca Parking (S2 32.444 W78 52.343m, 3170m)
Cold overnight but quiet in mostly flat car park just outside site. 24 hour security. Toilets (very nice) opened at around 8.30am.

Cuenca - Cabañas Yabuncay - (S2 54.341 W79 01.689) PanAmNotes
$15/night for wifi / hot shower in a room / electricity / water / english spoken / close to town. ( Electricity 110v/220v + Water and fast internet. Parking on grass – be careful in wet weather. Humberto and his wife are very friendly and will help you if you need any repairs. Access to Toilet and hot showers in cabin or if full in their house. About a 20 minute walk from town.

Caja National Park – Laguna Toreadora Parking Lot - S02 47.010 W79 13.340 13,000 feet (PanAmNotes)
$10/night. Bathrooms / near hiking and climbing. There are other camping areas at lower entrance into park

Huizho - Hosteria “San Luis” - S3 19.613 W79 44.424, 51 m)
Hosteria with big swimming pool and water slides. Toilets by pool (Not very nice). Cost $5 per person including free use of pools. Restaurant on site.
Vilcabamba - Hosteria Izhcayluma- S04 16.688 W 079 13.440 (PanAmNotes)
This is a beautiful hostel with an amazing view of the valley below, an onsite restaurant and bar and a swimming pool. Camping is in a flat pull-out at the bottom of the driveway. Electrical outlets and water spigot near the camping and bathrooms with hot showers near by. Cost = $5 USD per person per night. Arriving in Vilcabamba continue on the highway through town and up the hill about 2 miles. You’ll see the signs and the hostel on the right side of the road. (PanAmNotes:) wifi / hot shower / electricity / water / english / great restaurant & bar / 2km out of town. Owners have built an overlander specific parking lot

Zumba river camp (en route to La Balsa crossing) - S04 53.59 W79 07.65 (PanAmNotes)
Free. no facilities / slightly hidden from passing traffic. Right turn off road

Mancora - La Posada (Hostel with camping)
GPS: 4° 6'32.85"S 81° 3'34.04"W (Life Remotely August 2012)
Cost: S$10 per person for camping. Showers: Hot, Internet: Yes, Kitchen: Yes, Parking: Yes
Notes: A small camping area is the only downside to this place. It has all the amenities we've come to appreciate, and it's only a short five minute walk into town and to the beach. Basic kitchen with a grill, although finding fresh meat in town can be difficult. Contrary to reviews you may read online, we found management to be most helpful and friendly, and they were very upfront about pricing.
Zorritos - 3 Puntos- (Lost World Expedition)
Located just south of the town of Zorritos near km marker 1235, right on the beach. Leaving the town of Zorritos go about 1 mile and look for the big wooden gates with 2 big Peruvian flags on the beach side of the road. Camping is on the beach in front of the restaurant. You can run an extension chord for electricity if it is long enough. Bathrooms and cold water showers. Restaurant and bar with good local meals. Cost=S/10/person (about $3.75 USD).
Pimentel (near Chiclayo) - Katuwira Mochilero Eco-Hostel S6 51.095 W79 56.168 (Ruined Adventures 2/2013)
S/10 per vehicle. The most bizarre place we've ever stayed. Somehow it was mentioned in Lonely Planet & preloaded in our GPS. We didnt want to stay in Chiclayo because it was a madhouse, like driving thru Baghdad. Katuwira is just outside of town, where either the wind takes the trash or gets dumped there. You'll think your lost, but it's hard to miss with all of the modern pyramids. Big hostel with lots of space for several vehicles. We actually thought it was abandoned but after shouting around we found the wonderful kid who watches over the place. Really nice guy who shouted "Enjoy the life!" as we were leaving. Place was a little rundown over the years, bathrooms & cold showers with minimal privacy, no toilet seats. Water went out while we were there and electricity was on at certain hours. If you just need a safe place to park and your self-sufficient, not a bad place. Affiliated restaurant beach-side across street had excellent food with set menu. Also seemed shut-down but the hostel caretaker was the chef and waiter and he'll open up for you. He used to live in Japan so all the food had a delicious Peruvian/Japanese fusion
Huanchaco Gardens RV and Hotel- S08°04.379 W079°07.105. (Lost World Expedition)
Located about a block from the beach this is a great place for camping. The camping is behind the hotel in a grassed lot right next to the pool. Electricity, bathrooms, wifi, use of pool and hot water showers. Cost= S/40 per night per car (about $15 USD).
NOTE: You can also camp on the beach in Huanchaco free of charge. When you are entering the town there is a big tourist shop with restaurants and bathrooms on the left just before town. We met lot’s of overlanders that camped on the beach next to the tourist shop and were able to use the bathrooms free of charge and showers for a small fee. Most people said it was safe to camp here, but a bit loud on the weekends.
Cordillera Blanca - Los Pinos Lodge- S09°02.906 W077°48.768 (Lost World Expedition)
The lodge is located in the town of Caraz right on a nice little plaza. The camping is in the back parking lot, with access through a gate on a side road. Cozy place with a nice restaurant. Electricity outlets, wifi, hot showers, nice gardens, water tap in the parking area. They have beautiful gardens so this is also a great place for tent camping. Cost=S/35/night (about $13 USD). (Ruined Adventures 2/2013)
Laguna Paron - S09°00.014 W077°41.095 (Lost World Expedition)
Beautiful glacier fed lake located about 30 km up a dirt road from the town of Caraz. Small taxi cars had no problem with the dirt road, but longer wheel based vehicles might have a hard time with the sharp curves. There is a small dirt track that leads down the lake from the visitor center and we found a nice flat spot to camp right next to the lake. Camping is free with the S/5/person entrance fee. No amenities. NOTE: the lake sits at 4,200 meters (almost 14,000 feet) so make sure you are acclimated before trying to sleep here.
Llanganuco Lodge- S09°05.751 W077°41.969 (Lost World Expedition)
Located up a dirt road towards the Llanganuco Lakes from the town of Yungay, the lodge is located at the base of beautiful snow covered mountains and next to a nice lake. Camping is in a flat grassed field above the restaurant. Bathrooms and hot showers, no electricity. Cost=S/15/person. There are outlets for charging camera batteries inside the lodge but for a fee so we recommend coming with charged batteries. Absolutely amazing place!
The Way Inn Lodge- (Lost World Expedition)
Located about 30 km up a dirt road east from Huaraz. We forgot to take a GPS reading here and the directions on the website are a bit confusing so here is the condensed version. Head east up Avenida Raymundi in Huaraz (about 3 blocks from the Plaza de Armas) up the hill to the end. Take a left at the T, then immediately right just before the river onto a dirt road. Follow the river up about 500 meters then take the first left over the bridge. Keep following this road (it will turn dirt) through the small villages for about 45 minutes. The Way Inn is on the left. Great flat spots for camping, hot water showers, but no electricity. They have a nice communal area inside the lodge with outlets for charging electronics. They also have a great home made sauna they start most nights. Cost=S/15/person/night. NOTE: they host retreats at the lodge fairly often and the lodge is closed to camping. You might want to contact them before coming to make sure they don’t have any retreats planned for the nights you want to stay.

Lima - Hitchhikers Hostel- S12°07.344 W077°02.169 (Lost World Expedition)
Located in the upscale Miraflores District, this hostel allows camping in their walled in court yard. It is a great location in Lima, a few blocks from the ocean and from Parque Kennedy with lots of restaurants and cafes. Electricity, bathrooms, hot showers and free wifi. There is only space for 4-5 rigs depending on size so it is not a bad idea to make a reservation ahead of time. Cost=S/18/person. NOTE: this is a backpacker hostel and camping is right next to the tables in the courtyard, so depending on the crowd that is here, it can be loud for sleeping sometimes and the staff isn’t very good at asking people to be quite. Most nights this wasn’t a problem, but we did have a few loud nights.
Pisco (South of Lima on the coast) - Kawai Bungalows (S12*42.137' W076*38.610') Ruined Adventures 2/2013
A mini-resort we found preloaded in our GPS. They gave us the choice to camp next to the restaurant near the beach or the swimming pool. Swimming pools might have had showers & bathrooms but we didnt check. Porta potties by restaurant. We paid S15 per person to desperately avoid Lima and driving further into the night.
Huacachina - S14.08744 W75.76142 (Ruined Adventures 2/2013)
(NOTE: these GPS coordinates were given to us and are in a different format than the rest of our coordinates. You should be able to change the format settings for coordinates on your GPS to enter them.) This camping spot is a dirt pull out next to the Hostal Rocha. It is hard to find a flat spot here, and it is right next to the hostel’s bar so is probably quite loud at night. You can use the hostel’s bathroom, shower, pool and wi-fi for S5/person.
Huacachina - Cochera for Desert Nights Hostel S 14.08887 W075.76399 (Ruined Adventures 2/2013)
small guarded lot where they keep the dune buggies for Desert Adventures. Welder on site. Free parking if you're staying at Desert Nights Hostel. Also saw a campervan from Belgium free camping in the open lot next door.

Huacachina - Desert Nights Hostel (Ruined Adventures 2/2013)
Located next to lagoon waterfront, near stairs/wheelchair ramp to street. Nice place owned by a guy from Colorado. Great food and milkshakes. Also great place to organize sandboarding/dune buggy ride S35 or trip to Islas Ballestas S45 (Poor Man's Galapagos). Dorms had small document lockers, fans, hot showers, saggy mattresses. S15 per person. Sorry, no coordinates but you can't drive there anyways. You'll have to park near the cochera listed above. Just walk from the cochera towards the central water attraction in town.

Huacachina - Silva House Hostel S14.086979 W075.76319 (Ruined Adventures 2/2013)
Family run hostel with small cochera, tent camping area, and swimming pool. Discoteca onsite was closed for the night (thank god), so we slept fine in the car lot with our fan drowning out all of the noise. Our friend slept in a dorm above the bar which was not closed for the night. Very stuffy dorm, no fans, window opened to street where cars show off their sound systems. She hardly slept betweens the live band downstairs and the two cars blaring music in the street. S15 each to camp, S30 each for dorm.
Nasca - Hotel Mezon Suiss- S14°51.045 W074°57.502 (Lost World Expedition)
Located across from the airport. Camping is on a flat paved area below the hotel near the rooms. It is nicely shaded by trees which is a relief in the middle of the dessert. Electricity for an extra S/10 per night, bathrooms, hot showers, and wi-fi in the lobby. Cost=S40/night for 2 people.
Road from Nasca to Arequipa - Hotel Puerto Inka (S 15.83858 W074.31253) Ruined Adventures 2/2013
Great halfway point to break up the drive. This is where the big overland tour trucks stop to camp. Actually a resort with beachfront camping. Great for families. Nice palapa shelters on the beach with lighting, Restaurant, cold saltwater showers, nice bathrooms, swimming pool, playground. S15/person to camp. (Ruined Adventures 2/2013)
Road from Nasca to Cusco - Cconoc Termas (hot springs) - S13.54288 W072.6385 (Lost World Expedition)
The hot springs are located down a steep dirt road, next to the river, about 2 hours east of Abancay. Longer rigs may have difficulty. There is a flat terrace for camping next to the bathrooms. Bathrooms, no showers or electricity. The hot springs are not very hot and are crowded with locals on the weekends. There is a restaurant on site for food. Cost=S/3/person entrance fee.

Road from Nasca to Cusco - Tampumayu Hotel Restaurant - S 14.17396 W073.32284 (Ruined Adventures 2/2013)
Very nice place that allows camping on secure lot next to highway. They had pet llama, deer, and friendly dogs onsite. Restaurant onsite had very few options in stock since it was rainy season in middle of nowhere. Scrambled eggs were pretty terrible. No showers, bathrooms next to restaurant. S15 per vehicle or you can splurge for a S100 room w/bathroom.

Edge Of Road Spot on way to Cusco - S14 28.567 W73 14.447, 3458m ( Sept. 2012)
About 40m off the road behind some bushes. No Facilities. Free.

Ayacucho - Hostal Samary S13 09.543 W74 13.742 (Ruined Adventures 02/2013)
S/30 for a clean double room with shared bathroom. Cold showers. Secure parqueo. We asked if we could sleep in our vehicle but they said no, luckily the room was a fair price. (credit to unURBAN Adventures for originally finding the place}
Cusco - Camping Quinta LaLa- S13°30.336 W071°59.110 - (Lost World Expedition)
Located on the hill above old town next to the Sacsaywaman ruins. It is about a 20 minute walk down to town. We had a bit of trouble finding the place as our GPS kept trying to take us up staircases in the old town. At the Plaza de Armas take Ave. Plateros/Saphi from the northwest corner of the plaza, follow the road 3-4 blocks then stay to the right at the Y which curves sharply up the hill. After the entrance to the ruins take the dirt road on the left with a sign for Hacienda Llaullypata. The campground is the first large gate on the right. Camping is on a large grassed lot, and is a great place to meet other overlanders. Electricity is an extra S/3 per night, bathrooms, hot water showers, and wi-fi for an extra S/5 per day. Cost = S/30/night. (Life Remotely) The covered area has a light and power outlets. The kitchen is basic, just a stove and a sink, bring your own pots, pans and plates. It's cold at night, but the fire pit helps.(Ruined Adventures Feb. 2013) The lot is very muddy during the wet season, use caution if you don't have 4x4, we had to pull a big overland truck out of the mud because their 4x4 was broken.

Ollayntaytambo (between Cusco and Aguas Calientes/Machu Picchu) - Full Moon Hostel S 13* 15.590 W 72*15.949 - Ruined Adventures Feb. 2013
No sign out front, next to cochera with big blue door. Small sign says camping and the entrance is a small black metal door, further to the right from the blue door for the parking lot. S5 per day in cochera, S30 for private room w/private bed for 3 people (queen bed + single). Train from here to Aguas Calientes was $50 thru Inca Rail. Ollantaytambo is actually a nice little town to stay in with a great set of ruins on the edge of town, much better place to stay than Aguas Calientes!
Ollantaytambo Lodge- S13°15.611 W072°15.686 - (Lost World Expedition)
Camping is in the nice grassed garden area of the hotel. Bathrooms, wi-fi, you can run an extension chord into the bar for electricity and they will give you use of a room for showers which are hot about half the time. There is a bar/hang out room with TV which you can use. We really loved the little town, which tourists mostly pass through on the way to Macchu Pichu. The ruins here in town are also really nice. Cost = S35/night. You can also park your car here while going to Aguas Calientes/Macchu Pichu for S/11 per night.

Hydroelectrica - Parking - S13 10.439 W72 33.904 1824 m (unURBAN Adventures)
10 Sol for 24 hours. We parked the car at a private house while we spent a night in Aguas Calientes and looked at Machu Picchu. In Aguas Calientes we had no reservations, but we had no problems finding a cheap hostal. We stayed in Hostal One, not too nice, but it was just for a few hours’ sleep. Double room with hot shower cost 35 Sol.

(closest you can drive to Machu Picchu) Santa Teresa - Genaro Moscosco La Torre - S13° 07.903 W72° 35.781 (Life Remotely Sept. 2012)
Cost: S$10 per tent for camping. Showers: Hot, cost S$5 extra. Restaurant and bathrooms. Santa Teresa is the jumping-off point for people going the back way into Machu Picchu. As a result this place, the only campground in town, is often crowded with tour groups and people such as ourselves. The camping area was decent enough, but the bugs were very bad! There may have been a kitchen, we didn't investigate. You can leave your car parked here for S$5 per day while you head into Aguas Caliente and Machu Picchu.

Salinas near Machu Picchu S 13*18.247' W072*09.244' - (Ruined Adventures Feb. 2013)
Large pre-incan salt pools. Great spot to see after we left Ollantytambo/MP area. S3 entrance per person. Might be possible to camp in the parking lot, pay toilets onsite.
Sacred Valley (Pisac Ruins)- (Lost World Expedition)
The guards at the entrance to the Pisac ruins told us we could camp in the parking lot of the ruins for free with the price of entrance. Bathrooms can probably be used during the day. The ruins at Pisac are part of the Boleto Touristico, S/70/person for 2 days or S/130/person for 10 days and include entrance to many of the ruins in the sacred valley and some museums in Cusco.
Arequipa - Hotel Las Mercedes- S16°24.020 W071°32.540
This hotel is located a few blocks from the beautiful old town. Camping is on a grassed area along the side of the hotel. Bathrooms with hot showers, plenty of electrical outlets, and there is even a sink next to the bathrooms for doing dishes. Wi-fi is available in the lobby. Cost = S/22/person.

Arequipa Propane - Pesca gas (Llama gas next door) - S16 20.000 W71 35.553 (PanAmNotes)
Did not fill, just spotted.
Colca Canyon - Chivay - La Calera Hot Springs - (Lost World Expedition)
located about 3km east of Chivay and well signed. People told us you can camp in the parking lot of the hot springs. S/10/person entrance fee. Nice hot springs.
Colca Cañon (Cabanaconde) - Hotel Kuntur Wasi - (S15*37.406' W071*58.900') Lost World Expedition
Nice place up the hill from the main plaza. Flat, gated parking area across the alley from the hotel where you can camp for 20 soles per person. Wonderfully HOT showers, restaurant onsite with slow wifi. Very nice rooms for $50 usd and up. They might even knock down the price for you if they have lots of vacancies in the rainy season. (Ruined Adventures 2/2013)

Colca Canyon -Yanque - Hosteria Tradicion Colca (S15*39.107' W071*39.306') Lost World Expedition
Expensive rooms but we were able to talk them into letting us camp behind the buildings in their gated grassy lot for S/20 each. Had nice lawn behind restaurant to pitch a tent too, area where we parked was too rocky. They opened a small room so we could use the shower/bathroom. Didnt use the shower. Nice restaurant, internet only on computer in lobby. (Ruined Adventures 2/2013)
Mirador Cruz del Condor-S15°36.745 W071°54.266 - (Lost World Expedition)
This is the view point to see condors in the Colca Canyon. It is just a small parking lot off the side of the road where you can sleep for the night for free. Bathrooms are open in the morning only and cost S/1 per visit. The only warning is that by 8:30 the mirador is overrun with tour buses and tourists. Lot’s of them! (Lost World Expedition,
near Puno - Sillustani Ruins parking lot (PanAmNotes) S15 43.450 W70 09.051 (PanAmNotes)
Free, s/1 for use of bathrooms (no showers). Others have camped on the futbol field or lakeside
Puno/Lake Titicaca - Sonesta Posada del Inka- S15°49.438 W070°00.318
This high end hotel on the shore of Lake Titicaca seems an unlikely place to camp, but they allow camping in the parking lot in front of the hotel (although we were told we were the first roof top tent they’d seen). Bathrooms and wonderful hot showers inside the hotel, use of the lobby with TV and wi-fi. It looked like you could also plug in electricity if your extension chord is long enough. The only problem is that most tour buses leave from the hotel around 5:30 so expect to be woken up early. Cost = $20 USD per night.

Puno (Lake Titicaca) - Hotel Posada del Inca (S 15*49.439 W 70*00.322)
(four star hotel). You can park and stay in parking lot. Can leave car here to visit floating islands. Dont park at the harbor in Puno, South Africans got their vehicle broken into there.

between Puno and border - Las Cabañas 15°53'31.27"S 69°53'27.13"W (Life Remotely 10/2012)
S$120 for a cabin that could sleep seven people. Hot showers, electricity, restaurant, and parking. Camping is possible at Las Cabanas, but we opted to stay in a cabin for our last night in Peru. A very nice area in a quite town, a much friendlier place to stay than nearby Puno. Continental breakfast is included. (Ruined Adventures 2/2013) Found on a rough and narrow road, not recommended for bigger vehicles. We camped here and the water never worked, but it was a fine place to stay before the border. We forgot to write down the price for camping, but I believe it was S/20 per night.

Santa Lucia (On road before Puno) - Truck Park by restaurant - S15 41.426 W70 36.156, 4056m (
Truck Park. S5 for guarded overnight parking. Yukky toilets available.

Manu road – Bush Camp #1 S13 06.046 W71 34.127 (PanAmNotes)
Free / no amenities / okay cover from road (best we saw)

Manu road – Tres Cruces View Point S13 07.257 W71 36.694 3667m (PanAmNotes)
S/10 per person to access s/10 per person to camp. Only amenities are pit toilets

Manu road – Bush Camp #2 S13 12.261 W71 37.575 (PanAmNotes)
Free / on large pullout / no cover. Buggy and beautiful


Copacabana - Beach ( (S16 10.409 W69 05.651, 3819m)
On Lake Titicaca Beach further along from the trout restaurants. There is a good space just before the Hostel which appears to have no name. This was very quiet overnight with no traffic. Come to an arrangement with the owner of the hostel (who sells some pretty inventive jewellery made out of old cutlery) for toilets. There are also public toilets at the other end of the beach. FREE.

Copacabana - Camping Hostel Pizza (Hostel with Camping) GPS: S16 10.426 W69 5.668 (Life Remotely)
Cost: Bs$10 per person for camping or Bs$20-30 per person for a room on October 6, 2012. Bathrooms, Showers: Hot (sorta), Electricity, no internet, kitchen, restaurant, parking.
Notes: We're not entirely sure of the name of this place, but the signs on the front advertised camping, pizza and a hostel. The bathrooms are a bit dodgy. The water is solar-heated, and the electric shower heads don't supply enough juice to heat water in the morning, so it's only somewhat warm in the afternoon. But the price is right and the Argentinian couple who run the place are very friendly. We opted for a room because it was only US$5 more for the three of us, but you can pitch a tent here as well.

Copacabana – Hotel Gloria ( S16 10.036 W69 05.320 3855m
B/30 per night. Water / use of bathrooms (no shower) / dial-up wifi in lobby. Hotel Chasqui del Sol was B/70 with hot showers but no internet. (unURBAN Adventures)Camped in the parking lot of the hotel. Access to toilet facilities inside the hotel. WIFI. Nice location.

Copacabana – Lakeside Bush Camp ( S16 10.427 W69 05.675
Free and beautiful / 1km out of town. Hostel nearby advertising camping was not open

Hinchaca – On road to Isla del Sol ( S16 06.886 W69 05.033
Free, No facilities, short hike to beach for tent campers, wood for campfire

Road to Sorata Ridgeline Camp - ( (S15 46.716 W68 40.187, 3033m)
On the road on the way to Sorata. This spot has a great view of two valleys. No facilities. FREE.
Sorata – Altai Oasis ( S15 46.175 W68 39.295
B/30 per person & 30 per car. Water / elec / english / hot shower / restaurant / no internet. Beautiful place, ugly ugly road (high clearance only) for the last 15km. Hike to the San Pedro cave if you have a free day. ( Lovely little campground. Access is however very difficult and absolutely not recommended in a larger vehicle. Even in smaller vehicles you must back down into the car park area as the turn into the drive is not possible. However this is a beautiful place to spend some time. We couldn’t stay because it was fully booked by competitors in a bicycle race – and we would have struggled to get in anyway! (Life Remotely)Bs30 per person camping on October 8, 2012. Bathrooms with hot showers, electricity in restaurant, internet (barely works), wood fire only for kitchen, parking available. One of the best campgrounds of our trip to date. Lots of grassy areas to pitch a tent plus a fire pit that we used nearly every night. Very friendly English-speaking staff. The camping area's kitchen was wood-fire only. We used the oven half a dozen times with great success. Internet is available in the restaurant, which serves great food at reasonable prices, but only worked a couple hours during our six night stay. Also, if you are in need of a Toyota mechanic, ask the owners here. Highly recommended!

E. of La Paz, Coroico - parking above Hostel El Cafetal -16.19555, -67.72570, 1750 m (Landcruising Adventure Dec '09)
Coroico is a small town east of La Paz. Camped at a private parking above Hostel El Cafetal, right outside Coroico's centre.

Coroico - Sol y Luna (Cabins with Camping) S16 11.887 W67 43.431 (Life Remotely)
Bs30 per person for camping on October 15, 2012. Hot showers, electricity, internet, restaurant, parking. One of the best camping spots we found in Bolivia. Grass, a fire ring, a covered common area with power and the best wifi we found in Bolivia. Lots of bugs, but blissfully warm temperatures relative to La Paz. The restaurant was reasonably priced, but we never tried the food. The surrounding property is huge, and is dotted with large cabins that sleep 3-8 people.

Chulumani - Aba S16 22.498 W67 30.866 1603 m (unURBAN Adventures)
Price: 80 B. Difficult to find the right way up to Aba – Aba. Quite pricey. Nice location with good view of the surrounding hills. Water, toilet facility, do not know about the shower, but they do have a swimming pool.

La Paz - Hotel Oberland - ( (S16 34.086 W68 05.343, 3314m)
This is one of the key overlander meeting spots as everyone seems to come here. The Hotel Oberland is a Swiss-owned hotel in the Mallasa district of La Paz. Mallasa is around a 20-30 minute collectivo ride from the centre (costs B2.20 per person). The Hotel can be reached by crossing the Valle de la Luna from El Alto thereby avoiding having to drop down into the rabbit warren of the main city. Spotless toilets and hot showers, a pool, Jacuzzi, good restaurant and cafe, laundry service and a very warm welcome from the staff make this a lovely place to spend some time away from the hustle and bustle of La Paz. There are also power sockets and an external tap. B100 per night. (PanAmNotes) B/20 taxi to downtown, take the southern bypass road to avoid driving through downtown. (Life Remotely)Bs$50 per person for camping on October 13 & 17, 2012. Hotel Oberland is roughly 15 minutes south of La Paz, in the town of Mallasa if you're coming from the north, research the bypass loop to avoid driving through the city. More of a parking lot for overlanding vehicles, it's not the best place to pitch a tent. But it is a great place to meet other travelers and swap notes about Bolivia and Peru. Wifi is decent by Bolivian standards, and there is a kitchen above the campground that may be free to use, but we never bothered to ask. (unURBAN Adventures)Camping on gravel parking lot behind locked gates. Power, water and WIFI, nice new toilet and shower facility. Can also use the swimming pool and other facilities at the hotel. Resturant with Swiss food.

La Paz – Volks Auto Shop Mr Ernesto Hug ( S16 30.923 W68 08.143
Camping free with vehicle service. Services: Bathroom / elec. Good mechanic, speaks English and German. (unURBAN Adventures)We needed to fix the car and had the job done at Volks Auto Motor. We were allowed to camp in the garage while the car got fixed. Located on Calle Jaimes Freyre #2326.

32 kms west of Cochabamba - Apart. Hotel parking lot -17.51772, -66.33252, 2494 m (Landcruising Adventure Dec '09)
Spent the night in the parking lot. Has a thermal bath. Price negotiable.

10km W of Cochabamba - parking lot Hotel Casa Campestra -17.38063, -66.25065, 2576 m (Landcruising Adventure Dec '09)
In the parking lot of the luxurious hotel of Casa Campestra. B90 per night, including use of shower (when room is available) and extensive breakfast buffet. British couple highly recommended this place.

Cochabamba – Casa Campestre (
Didn’t actually go as they charge B/80 per person to park in a dirt lot. Ask about the HyperMaxi (at km.2 on the road into Cochabamba, East of Casa Campestre), supposedly has great selection of comforts from home.

Totora - Hospedaje Casa Villa Eva S17.73669º W065.19283º
A fantastic place to break up the 10 hour drive between Cochabamba and Sucre. Don't let the tacky sign fool you, this place has affordable rooms from very basic to very nice. Prices range from B/25-B/50 per person. If you pay for one of the nicer rooms in the main house, you get to use the very nice kitchen facilities. We were so beat that we just paid for the cheapest room and slept in our vehicle. Gated parking lot, located just off of the main route. Totora is actually a very charming little town to stroll around and we saw zero tourists.

Buena Vista - Plaza parking spot -17.46087, -63.66028, 388 m (Landcruising Adventure Aug '10)
100 km NW of Santa Cruz. Perfect, shady parking spot at the plaza.

Oruro - Hotel Sumaj Wasi (Hotel) S17 57.704 W67 6.216 (Life Remotely)
Bs70/person for shared triple with private bath on October 19, 2012. Hot showers, electricity, internet, restaurant (?), parking. Continental breakfast is included, but we're not sure if the restaurant is open beyond that. Oruro isn't the happiest town in Bolivia, and finding a place to stay that had secured parking proved difficult. If you sleep in your vehicle it would be possible to stay a night in their parking lot.

Quime - Wild camp S16 58.113 W67 12.227 2947 m (unURBAN Adventures)
Free, no facilities. Just needed at place for the night. Nice and quiet just off the road in between some trees.

Sajama National Park, Thermal Baths - ( (S18 05.592 W68 58.737, 4293m)
No facilities. Sandy car park of the Thermal baths. Cold and quiet overnight. Spectacular views of surrounding mountains. Free. (Thermal Baths are S30 each and consist of natural pool in the altiplano). ( Camping free with NP entry fee: B/30 per person. Use of thermal baths: B/30 per person, B/2 for use of bathroom. No services in park but you can drive and camp anywhere surrounded by absolute serenity. Only downside is the temp: it will freeze most nights
Sajama National Park – Laguna Huanakuta ( S18 02.834 W68 56.106 4353m
Camping free with NP entry fee: B/30 per person
No facilities

Vallegrande - Petrol Station -18.47837, -64.11343 (Landcruising Adventure Jul '10)
Camped at the petrol station on the north side of town.

North of Sucre - near Rio Misque -18.86190, -64.29528 1320 m (Landcruising Adventure Aug '10)

Sucre – Camping Alberto & Felicidad ( S19 02.580 W65 15.303
(no sign, look for brown door) Need to check in at 416 Arcento Arce around the corner
B/60 per night. Slow cellular wifi / hot showers / water / lavernderia / elec. Nice grassy yard with a shared communal room. Easy walk to the square
Routing Advice: we heard many people complain about the back-road from Cochabamba to Sucre (Highway 7 and Route 5) and avoided it. “Uninspiring bad roads with poor views.” (Life Remotely) Bs50/tent on October 20, 2012. POTABLE water, hot showers, electricity, internet, shared kitchen, restaurant, parking. A small grassy area very close to the center of Sucre. It's not signed, but it is a well-known stop for overlanders. Upon arrival you need to track down the owner, Alberto or his wife Felicidad and have them let you in. Alberto may be in his workshop on the property, knock loudly, or at their house which can be found around the corner at 416 Arcento Arce. Very friendly people and an excellent (and the only) place to camp in Sucre just a few blocks from the center. They also have a room for rent at the top of the A-frame common area. (unURBAN Adventures)Price: 80B. Camped in a private garden, room for four-five small campers. a really nice location in town. Power, water, Wifi, toilet and hot shower, access to kitchen and room to sit inside.

Sucre - Hotel Austria ( (S19 02.313 W65 14.776, 2867m)
Next to bus terminal. Secure parking lot behind hotel. Toilets and Showers available (hot if you use the ones inside the hotel). External water tap but no power. They wanted B120 to sleep in the truck or B100 to take a room. We took a room and slept in the truck anyway as it is a lot nicer than their rooms! WIFI in the hotel. Collectivo into centre from here is 10 minutes. (3 or A). They have 3 dogs on the grounds, be very wary of the little black one which took a chunk out of Sarah’s leg and tried to do the same to me!


Santa Cruz - Parking lot -17.79975, -63.17568 (Landcruising Adventure - Feb '13)
Spent the night in the parking lot of the Pilot Club.

Agua Calientes - Thermals -18.44931, -59.51363 (Landcruising Adventure - Jan '13)
Campsite along hot water springs. Quiet place. Obviously also hot showers available. Price: B15 pp for 24 hours.

Jesuit Missions Route - Camp 1 -17.01332, -60.60889, 258 m. (Landcruising Adventure - Jan '13)
Tranquil rough camp with lots of birds some 45 kms south of San Rafael, in the fields / forest of a farmer.

Jesuit Missions Route - Camp 2 -16.36565, - 60.96205, 385 m. (Landcruising Adventure - Jan '13)
We camped along the stuwmeer of San Ignasio. During the day (vacation / weekends) lots of locals come swimming here and in terms of garbage it's not the cleanest place but it is a good place to take a bath yourself and quiet during the night.

Jesuit Missions Route - Camp 3 -16.20198, -62.19008, 623m (Landcruising Adventure Jan '13)
Camped on the property of a farm (Estancia los Portreros) on the main road between San Javier and Concepción. Asked permission to stay alongside the field, which was no problem. Beautiful, quiet spot

Border w/ Brazil - Guajara Mirim, Rondônia -10.84058, -65.36975 (Landcruising Adventure - Dec '09)
Good spot for camping at the terrain of eco hotel Ituaba with a very friendly owner. Located 3 kms outside town towards Riberalta.

Southern Bolivia

Road to Potosi – Bush Camp #1 ( S17 58.406 W66 46.890 3722m
No facilities / Decent Cover / Not much to look at
Lake by Road to Potosi - ( (S18 49.872 W66 43.852, 3774m)
Reservoir by the road just after the town of Challapata. Most of the access roads to the shore have been blocked but you can negotiate one. No facilities. Free.
Road to Potosi – Lakeside Bush Camp #2 ( S18 49.875 W66 43.900
No facilities / much prettier than Bush Camp #1. There are a few turn-offs in this area with decent cover, coordinates only approximate

Road to Potosi – Picnic Overlook Bush Camp #3 ( S19 13.504 W66 05.476 4072m
No facilities / Nice views over the red rock valley / Good cover from road

North of Potosi – Ojo del Inca (Crater Lake) ****** ( S19 28.031 W65 47.683 3405m
B/35 per person. Bathrooms / 30* C Thermal Baths / Laundry Area. Tranquil setting, wonderful swim, not to be missed! ( place to stay. Short dirt track from the main road to reach the massive (100m across) circular hot pool. You can park right on the edge of the lake. Basic toilet block available. It was busy when we arrived but everyone left by dark. In the morning there was no one there and we had a beautiful solo soak. B70 per night.

Near Potosí - Thermals -19.46712, -65.79468, 3427 m (Landcruising Adventure - Jan '10)
20 Km on the road to Oruro lies Tarapaya. Pass the village on your right side, take the narrow bridge on the left side that crosses a stream and follow 'laguna'. At the top is a great thermal bath of 35 degrees and is a lovely camping spot. 40 bolivianos (2 persons and car).

Potosi - Residencial Tarija (Hotel) S19 35.062 W65 45.317 (Life Remotely)
Bs60/person for room with private bathroom on October 19, 2012. Hot showers, electricity, parking. No internet. Another case of needing a hotel with secure parking in the city. We only stayed one night, favoring to head to the more popular city of Sucre sooner rather than later. This hotel was decent enough, but lacked wifi. There was a kitchen, but we're not sure if it was free for guests to use or if it was part of a restaurant that was not open.

Potosi – Hotel Tarija ( S19 35.069 W65 45.347
B/50 per night. Hot Shower / Bathrooms / Low Overhead. Paved courtyard parking. Residencial Copacabana down the street has parking and charges B/30 per night.
WiFi note: Koala Candelaria Cafe is the only wifi in town, free with a meal

Potosi Parking Lot ( (S19 34.735 W65 45.342, 3936m)
We were too tall for Hotel Tarija (S19 35.069 W65 45.347) which is the usual overlander’s place to stay. This secure parking lot was very cheap and a 15 minute walk from the centre. No Facilities. B25 per night.

Road to Uyuni – Canyon Steam Bush Camp ( S19 47.972 W66 03.638 3800m
No facilities / poor cover / beautiful setting. Plenty of bush camping in the area, not much cover

Uyuni - Parking for Train Cemetery S20 28.633 W66 49.850 (From AtoB)
Not a camping spot, just good place to see train cemetery.

Uyuni - Car Wash and Fumigation (S20 28.156 W66 49.172) PanAm Notes
They will "fumigate" your car with used oil before you go into the salt flats, then you have it washed off after the salt flats for B30.

Uyuni - Servicentro G.C. (S20 28.185 W66 49.204) PanAm Notes
Gas station with good history of selling gas to foreigners. They are closed for lunch and on Sundays.

Uyuni – Hostel Marith’s parking lot ( S20 27.941 W66 49.602
B/25 per person not much to look at but had electricity (for an extra B/10, plug in at the workshop), water and nice hot showers
Many overlanders camp near Minutemen Pizza or near the square. (Life Remotely)Bs78/person for room with private bath on October 24 & 26, 2012. Showers hot after 7am, electricity, restaurant, parking. No internet. A free breakfast of bread and an egg is included. One of the few places in Uyuni that includes parking at a price that won't break the bank. We stayed here the night before and after we ventured into the salt flats. Nothing to write home about, but not altogether terrible either. You have to ask for the hot water to be turned on if it is not, the hours when it's supposed to be available are posted and aren't condusive to an early-morning departure. If you sleep inside your vehicle you should be able to camp in their parking lot for a night. ( Hostal in Uyuni with narrow parking yard. Room for 2 overland vehicles max. However they stack the vehicles in and if one needs to leave you may be asked to move to let them through. Power and water available. Hot showers and toilets. B60 per night.
Uyuni - Lavanderia & Showers (S20 27.831 W66 49.412) PanAm Notes
Public bathrooms near the square and showers can be purchased at this lavanderia. NOTE: There is no grocery store and we found the municipal market to be mediocre at best. The meat we bought there was inedible. I’m not sure why this surprised us; as far as the eye can see, the land is barren. There are a handful ATMs in town. Broadband internet is available at an internet café along the square. Minutemen Pizza (excellent pizza) wifi is for hotel guests only and we found no other place with wifi.
Uyuni - Outside of Tonito Hotel (Minuteman Pizza) S20 27.912 W66 49.493, 3645m (
In the street slightly up from Tonito hotel. Tonito hotel (yellow building covered with stickers) has Minuteman Pizza which serves very nice Pizza. This is in front of army base guard post so very secure. No Facilities. FREE.

Uyuni - Car Wash (S20 28.156 W66 49.172)
There is a great place on the south side of Uyuni that will clean the underside and the rest of your car for Bs50.

Eastern Entrance to Salar (fromAtoB) S20 18.973 W66 58.853, (Landcruising Adventure - Aug '07) -20.31622, -66.98088. 3669 m, in Colchani NW of Uyuni

Southern Entrances to Salar (fromAtoB) S20 28.300 W67 45.500, S20 35.100 W67 36.400, (Landcruising Adventure - Aug '07) NE of Colchani -20.60522, -67.5833, 3669 m

Northern Entrances to Salar (fromAtoB) S19 53.934 W67 45.521, S19 51.585 W67 46.056, S19 54.500 W67 37.250

Salar de Uyuni - Wild camp (just after the entry) S20 19.147 W67 00.649 3663 m (unURBAN Adventures)
Salar de Uyuni - Salt Hotel S20 19.828 W67 02.802
Salar de Uyuni - Volcano Tunupa -19.90130, -67.62500 (Landcruising Adventure - Aug '07)
Village Colquesa. Nice place to spend the night. Walk up to the volcano or watch flamingos.

Salar de Uyuni - Isla Pescador (Bush Camp) S20 8.346 W67 48.632 (Life Remotely)
You can camp anywhere on the Solar de Uyuni, but Isla Pescador is probably your best bet. Not to be confused with Isla Pescado, the more popular destination for tour groups. You can stay on Pescado, but it's not a friendly place for tent campers and is likely to be crowded in the afternoon. However, there are bathrooms and trash facilities available, whereas Pescador has nothing. We spent the entire day and night without seeing another soul. We recommend camping around the back side of the island so you'll have a view of the sunset.
Salar de Uyuni, Isla Pescado -20.14203, -67.81015, 3669m. (Landcruising Adventure - Aug '07)
20 km northwest of Ihla Inca Huasi. Awesome spot for rough camping. During the day maybe 2 or 3 tour-cars stop by but during the evening we had the place to ourselves.

Salar de Uyuni - Isla Incahausi S20 14.450 W67 37.673, 3665m (
On the Salar next to the island. Toilets, water and a restaurant are available on the island. Picnic tables also. Very very quiet after sunset but during the day lots of Landcruisers. Camping here is FREE. Entry to Island walk is B30 per person and you need to show the ticket to use the toilets. ( entrance fee per person gives you access to the island which has services such as bathrooms, a water faucet, restaurant, trash cans, and hiking trails. You can camp anywhere on the Salar. The sunsets are gorgeous. (unURBAN Adventures)Price: 30B. Camped next to the salt tables at the island. Access to toilets, but no other facilities. (Landcruising Adventure) Favorite lunch stop for tour groups.

South of the Salar - San Juan -20.90030, -67.76708, 3669 m. (Landcruising Adventure - Nov '10)
Spent the night in the parking lot of Alojamiento Sicancahur, shower for 5 bolivianos. Friendly owner.

Valley South of Uyuni - Wild camp S21 15.034 W67 34.627 (unURBAN Adventures)
We were looking for a laguna, but took a wrong turn and by the time we realized we just needed at place to camp.

Tupiza -21.44565, -65.71862 (Landcruising Adventure - Aug '07)
Spent the night at the lovely, friendly, clean Hotel El Torre (price around 70 bolivianos for double room). The first time we were in Tupiza, we parked in the same street and slept in the car. It was a quiet night and without any problems. 2971 m


NOTE: You can see most of the lakes in the park in one day, but it is advisable to camp for a few days to see them at different hours. The colors are much different in the morning than in the evening. Laguna Verde and neighboring Laguna Blanca are close to the southern end of the park and are just six miles from the border crossing into Chile. (LifeRemotely)

Before San Cristobal - Dry Riverbed Bush Camp NEED COORDINATES (Ruined Adventures and American Recess 3/2013)
There is a small dirt road towards the south that is just a few kilometers before San Cristobal. 4x4 recommended due to soft sand. If you follow the dirt road towards the left, you will find a dry riverbed. Turn right down the dry riverbed and continue down a ways, eventually you will be concealed from the road. No amenities, free.

Before Lagunas Route - San Christobal Fuel S21 09.420 W67 10.100 (fromAtoB)
Occasionally there can be fuel purchased here. It is really not reliable, so don't count on it. Think of it as a bonus if you can top off your tank, making up for the fuel you've burned up driving 88km between here and Uyuni.

Before Lagunas Route - Bush Camp in Bizarre Canyon S21º24.167' W67º41.868' (Ruined Adventures 3/2013)
We saw a dirt road leading towards an interesting cluster of rock formations, so we decided to explore. Once you turn down the dirt road (S21º23.981' W67º40.719') you'll see a couple of small shacks to the left. Following the road you'll come into a small canyon with a small meadow, some groundwater, and it's surrounded by interesting rock formations and snow capped mountains in the distance. The road ends shortly after at a small roundabout. We didn't camp here, but it looked like if you stayed to the left of the roundabout and hugged the rock cliff, it would be a great place to stay. Not sure if anyone lives in the shacks up the road, but we recommend you ask there to see if it's okay to camp.

Before Lagunas Route - Villa Alota S21 24.239 W67 35.872 (LifeRemotely)
Here you have a choice: Option 1, turn south to Villa Mar, and at Villa Mar turn southwest and arrive on the EAST side of Laguna Cristobal. This is the short and “good road” option. This is the route (LifeRemotely) drove. It took 5.5 hours to go from Uyuni to Laguna Colorado. Option 2, if you continue straight to Villa Alota, you will eventually hit the westerly road. It runs north/south very close to the Chilean border. Turnoff for the westerly route is S 21ª23.760' W67º59.409' - Ruined Adventures missed the turn because they were grading the road and the construction hid the junction (on 3/2013), luckily they figured it out after a mile and turned back. This road is more scenic, but to quote a very helpful French couple we met in Lima, it is “muy muy muy muy muy muy muy MALO”. Think big rocks in the road and very deep sand. This is the road that PanAm Notes took and also the road that took about a week before us. There is also a significant river crossing on this route (Ruined Adventures says it is unnecessary to cross the water if you take the road that's a few hundred meters from the NW, closest to the hill). But as I mentioned, this route does have more lakes and the famous “Piedra de Arbol”.
Road to the Lagunas Route – Altiplano Camps near a stream ( S21 16.847 W67 16.977 (approximate):
Past San Cristobel you will be on the sparsely-populated altiplano. You can camp anywhere in this area, but there is little to no cover from the road.
Lagunas Route Bush Camp – Boulder Strewn Area for Camping ( S21 24.306 W67 45.770 (approximate)
Much better place to camp as there are numerous large boulders to block the wind and view from the road. Several great places to turn off and camp several miles before and after the given coordinates.

Laguna Hedionda Camp ( S21.023 W68 03.116 4157m
Overlooking the lake on a turnoff, great spot
Great spots to camp out can be found all around Lagunas Chulluncani, Hedionda, Chiar Kkota, and Honda. After these lakes you will pass through a beautiful altiplano with 360 degree views of snow capped mountains. Camping here also great but a little higher in elevation compared to the lakes.
Turn off to Laguna Chillucani S21 26.758 W67 50.701 (fromAtoB)

IMPORTANT NOTE ON DRIVING CONDITIONS: After the turn off to Laguna Chillucani (southbound) the road becomes terrible. The next 15 miles of driving is supposedly the worst of the entire SW circuit, as there are several rocky canyons to negotiate and narrow rocky roads. I would be very hesitant to do this part of the route without 4×4. In this section there is a deep water crossing to negotiate. There are two sides to the crossing. One is shallow water with deep mud – the other is deep water (close to 1m) with a firm bottom. Take your choice. It would be a bad place to be stuck as the landcruiser tours do not come this way and we saw no other vehicles.(fromAtoB)

Laguna Chulluncani Camp ( S21 32.414 W67 52.609 4462m
The first flamingo lake you will come across. No facilities, just flamingos and snow capped peaks.

River Crossing S21 33.056 W67 54.771 (fromAtoB)

Junction with Main Track S21 33.687 W68 01.933 (fromAtoB)
5km’s after the water crossing the track merges with the main track which the landcruiser tours take. The track does improve as you move past Laguna Hedionda although increased traffic means more corrugations. From this point onwards there are many tracks all going in the same direction – all eventually merge back to the main path. In most cases the main track is heavily corrugated and it is best to drive along one of the lesser tracks. These lesser tracks may involve deeper sand or some tufty plants but will deliver a smoother ride.
Laguna Honda - ( (S21 37.367, W68 03.669, 4128m)
No Facilities. FREE. On shore of Lake. Bitterly cold at night – but fairly sheltered from the wind.

Road Conditions - After passing the 3 lakes: Hedionda, Chiar Kota and Honda – the tracks are along the bottom of a valley in sand. Apart from a rocky gully or two the going is easy and after a while the valley widens out into a sandy valley called the Desertio de Siloli. This stretches to Laguna Colorado and the entrance to the park.

National Park Entrance Station (North) S22 10.279 W67 49.048 (fromAtoB)
Once in the park the corrugations get worse and it is more difficult to drive off the main track due to ditches and large piles of sand at the side of the road. You also feel more guilty as it is National Park. The routes are also much more obvious in the Park.

Laguna Colorada Camp ( S22 12.767 W67 47.948 4317m
Campsite overlooking the red lagoon. Nice spot but an even better spot may be before the registration and check point: S22 09.885 W67 47.915. Camping here buys you an extra day in the park.( Facilities. FREE. On slight ridge above lake, in parking area. Landcruisers during the day but deserted at night. Brilliant views. (unURBAN Adventures)Free, pay entrance to the park. Really nice location with view over the laguna.
Near Laguna Colorada - Canyon Camp (Bush Camp) S22 17.576 W67 46.892 (Life Remotely)
Free to camp (Bs150 per person park entry fee) on October 27, 2012. Just off the road on the right as you leave the Laguna Colorado area we found this dry canyon. You can drive a few hundred meters into the canyon and find a secluded place to camp for the night that's protected from the sun and wind. The elevations in Bolivia's southwest are incredibly high, meaning brutal sun during the day and cold temperatures at night. There are bathrooms and trash facilities at the ranger station on the north end of Laguna Colorada.
Turn for Customs / Aduana (Southbound) S22 24.958 W67 46.749 (fromAtoB)
Turn for Customs / Aduana (Northbound) S22 25.488 W67 46.426 (fromAtoB)
Sol de Mañana Geyser S22 26.126 W67 45.431 (fromAtoB)
The only seriously bad bit of road is the detour to the Geyser basin which is rough. The rest of the dirt tracks are fairly easy going – apart from the corrugations. We did find a grader in operation just South of Laguna Colorado which made the going much better !
Hito Cajon – Customs S22 26.438 W67 48.346 (fromAtoB)
ADUANA Bolivia S22 26.454 W67 48.357 5000m (16,500 feet) (PanAm Notes)
Maybe the highest customs office in the world! Nothing needed, simply hand over your temporary vehicle importation permit, they give you nothing in return either.
Hot Springs Camp beside Laguna Chalviri ( S22 32.071 W67 38.940 4393m
Excellent spot next to 29C hot springs. The geography gives you a bit of a break from the wind. The hot springs are crowded during breakfast and lunch time but wait an hour and you will have them to enjoy in solitude. Hot springs are free to use, bathrooms cost B/3, there are trash cans and snacks for sale across the road.

Termas de Polques - Parking lot S22 32.160 W67 38.940 (unURBAN Adventures)
Free. Paid to use the toilet at the restaurant next to the hot spring.
National Park Entrance Station (South) S22 49.876 W67 46.735 (fromAtoB)
Dali's Rocks - Bush Camp S22 37.415 W67 40.262 (Life Remotely)
Free (Bs150 per person park entry fee) on October 28, 2012. Just south of Laguna Chalviri, Dali's Rocks are another stunning landscape on Bolivia's Southwest circuit. We found the rock that offered the most shelter from the wind and prying eyes. Our highest-elevation campsite on this trip at over 15,000 feet. The wind at night was brutal and temperatures dropped below freezing, but the scenery is absolutely surreal. The road out to the rocks can be a bit soft. Proceed with caution if you are not in a high clearance 4x4.
Sud Lipez, Fumaroles (Geysers) -22.43543, -67.75718. 3672 m (Landcruising Adventure - Nov '08)
The geysers are a bit away from the main road (not indicated).
Laguna Blanca - ( (S22 46.745 W67 48.215, 4354m)
No Facilities. FREE. On Flat exposed ground next to lake. Bitterly cold and very windy during the night.

Laguna Verde Camp ( S22 48.188 W67 49.732 4369m
Overlooking the lake and famous Volcan Licancabur (5960m). If the wind is low this would be a better spot overlooking the lake: S22 47.180 W67 49.051. The guidebook suggests you can find a guide “hanging around Laguna Verde” if you’d like to climb Licancabur. We sure didn’t see anybody hanging around. Arrange in advance or from San Pedro if you plan to climb anything. (unURBAN Adventures)S22 46.777 W67 48.396 4354 m. walking distance to a hot spring by the lake. Sheltered behind an old rock wall. Sud Lipez - Laguna Verde -22.78662, -67.81993, 4364 m (Landcruising Adventure - Nov '08) Along the long lake you'll see a small building, to change clothes, adjacent to a wonderful thermal bath. Perfect place for rough camping. (fromAtoB): The detour to the Laguna Verde overlook is also a bit rough but nothing to really worry about. (Ruined Adventures 3/2013) We used the same coordinates as Landcruising Adventure and parked just next to and below the highest point. This gave us a nice little rock wall, barely enough to give us cover from the wind.

Bolivian Immigration S22 52.856 W67 47.905 (PanAm Notes)
Get your Bolivian exit stamp here at the border. No paperwork or copies needed. Shortly after Migracion you hit asphalt for the long descent to San Pedro de Atacama. This is a 40km steep downhill which will really test your brakes. Go slow and in low gear or you’ll be getting your brake pads replaced sooner rather than later.

(Chile) Back on the Asphalt S22 55.028 W67 47.802 (fromAtoB)
If you're heading south from Bolivia and the SW circuit, you'll be happy to see the asphalt again. If you're heading north towards Bolivia, kiss the smooth tarmac goodbye.
(Chile) San Pedro de Atacama - Chilean Aduana & Immigration S22 54.641 W68 11.630 (PanAm Notes)
Simple check-in procedures, get you passport stamped then move to the next window and get your vehicle imported. Nothing to it. Just bring your original vehicle title and passport, no copies needed. This does include a vehicle search where they take all meats, fresh fruit, and fresh vegetables. (Ruined Adventures) If you're going to Argentina from here, be sure to check back out of the aduana and immigration in SP de Atacama because it's the only one for Paso Jama and Paso Sico.

(Chile) San Pedro de Atacama - Los Perales S22 54.793 W68 12.040 (PanAm Notes)
Popular camping spot for overlanders. Offers electricity, solar showers, and a climbing wall on a dirt lot [C:4,000/per person C:2,000 for elec; ~$20US].

(Chile) San Pedro de Atacama - Puritama Hostal (S22 54.717 W68 12.173 2436 m) unURBAN Adventures
Camped in secure parking lot at the hostal. Hot shower, Wifi and good location in town. Price: 12 000 Chilean Pesos. (Ruined Adventures 3/2013) This place was way better than our night at Los Perales. For only 1000 pesos extra (per person), it's totally worth it. Same price as it was for unURBAN, 6,000 per person.

(Chile) San Pedro de Atacama - Copec Gas Station S22 54.802 W68 11.930 (PanAm Notes)
Only gas station in town. The fuel in San Pedro de Atacama is quite expensive and it is cheaper to fill up in Calama, this adds another 100km to the journey (From AtoB).
(Chile) San Pedro de Atacama - Airport Camping
There is camping in the forest near the airport
NOTE: San Pedro de Atacama
Here you will only find small shops and one butcher, and they are all expensive. You'll have to wait until you hit a big city like Calama in Chile, Salta or Jujuy in Argentina. (Life Remotely)


New Overlander
May 11, 2014
on the road
I'm happy for you to merge our list into this, although remember: it's dated from 2008-2009. From feedbacks of people using it I know that most spots are still available, only a few have closed or changed drastically. Prices will have changed almost everywhere...
eg. in San Pedro de Atacama we spent a few nights overlooking Valle de la Luna, free camping, as we had a fully self contained vehicle (we have one again for our new trip).