New Overlander
Jun 26, 2020
North Eastern, Maryland
For more than 12 years I've not had insurance because of the past administration. As of last moth, My new insurance plan just kicked in. This gave me a chance to have my eyes checked as this was something I've been neglecting and to treat myself to a new pair of "real" sunglasses. We went to Americas best and had an eye exam. The Dr informed my eyes are still good but have developed minor issues, I just can't see up close anymore. I checked the frames and located the RayBan 63mm shooters and I'll first getting these frames with prescription lenses to help me focus at a distance.


After checking these frames out, I'll have 30 days to order the prescription daily use glasses at a discount and I can get the prescription lenses in the same type of Rayban 63mm frames. These sunglasses will also be impact resistant as well as scratch resistant. I'll be getting the sunglasses next week and look forward to ordering the regular prescription glasses soon there after.

I've been a part of the Rayban family for more than 50 years when my father in the air force gave me his old aviator sunglasses he purchase from the PX back in the 60's. However, in the 90's the frames broke and I contacted Rayban, they told me that because the frames were so old, they would not be able to repair them. So I guess it's time for something new. Theses are a limited edition 62mm "Bronze" frame Rayban sunglasses. Total insurance cost, $193.00