Thailand Border Crossings without an Agent (i.e without DLT, Permits, Guides)


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May 26, 2013
Thailand Border Crossing (without DLT, Permits, Guides)

As most are aware people are routinely crossing borders between Cambodia, Laos and Malaysia without a Guide or permit. (Myanmar is another story, i know of one vehicle crossing without a guide or permit, but its not recommended trying due to the potential risks and costs of being stuck on the border)

On most occasions people have been successful when:
  • They have a Carnet
  • Obtain Vehicle insurance in advance

Can people please add to this thread their experiences:
  • Borders that they tried and were not successful
  • Borders where they were able to enter
  • Did you enter with a carnet? Yes / No
  • Where they obtained their insurance (Direct company details no third parties)
  • Any other tips of advice
This will be a ongoing pinned post, we hope it will help provide clarity regarding the process openly to all, and hopefully lead to more people crossing with out issues.

Please note this thread is to help people cross without an agent, on their own without third part involvement or help.

Insurance Contacts:
Insurance can be purchased at or just before some borders or advance direct from insurers.

Wang Prachan - Kiosk before border

**Direct with insurers**
Vientiane - Allianz HQ, 33 Lanexang Avenue, 2nd Floor.

Thailand -

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