Trans Europ Express - lady co driver wanted

Yngve Spjelkavik

New Overlander
Mar 27, 2015
Oslo when not on the road
Hia. I'm taking a bold move here, but if there is a suitable lady between 30 and oh, lets say 48 with a valid drivers licence with the time to spare in the periode between April to May (Oslo) there is a vacant position in my campervan for a little trip I'm doing. Co driver, map reader, navigator, entertainer.

Starts in Oslo, No on Friday April and goes off to Borås, Sweden. So far, so good, right ? It's not long. Stay over there till Sunday April before embarking the Stenaline ferry to Kiel, G with arrival there Monday April After a short stop at customs, the drive is a mere 8 hour drive to Luxembourg for a good nights rest. From there Tuesday May up thru Belgium, and into the Netherlands before finding the Amsterdam Centraal (central railway station). From there to Dortmund, G along the Trans Europ Express route (yes, as it happens I like Kraftwerk, too). From Dortmund a 40 minutes drive before another good nights sleep.

Tuesday May 2.nd is rest day. Hit the gym, not to mimic Monkey Man to any mirrors there, but because the camper is in the shop for some hours. After the gym, there are places that offer food n'wifi, I know. Then in the afternoon get the vehicle out, and drive South. Into Liechtenstein. Into Switzerland. Stayover in Suisse some where. Wednesday May 3.rd take off before the birds wake up aiming for lunch in Monaco. After that is is a long haul to Italy and to see how far we get.
Goal is to have had a car bumper in the Vatican State before aiming NorthWest for San Marino. If that goal is obtainable on the same day, fine, sure another stayover.
Then Thursday May going to Germany by leaving Italy around the Brenner area but not to drive the motorway brigde up in the hillside, oh, no. In the valley, please. Finding Insbruck, A it is again time to find the highway North and this time to Vöhl in the lovely Edersee area (Dambusters, anyone?). Friday May the brings us to the annual Bulli Days - Volkswagen meeting for anything larger than a station wagon. Two days of rest, meet n'greet with other traveling folks. Sunday again set course for Kiel and another ferry taking campervan & owner back to Oslo, N on Monday May

The new thing for my part, is that I am forced by Ze Germans Zoll to do anti Schengen activities upon leaving Norway. I have to "export" my very own vehicle to Germany, and upon closing in on the end of the journey I also have to import it back to my homeland.. (that has to do with a garage job being done May 2.nd and lack of calenders in Germany, the rest of us are in 2018 here).

I do not care where she comes from, nor background. I do care about her having a drivers licence, being able to tie her own shue laces and enjoy life as it is.

Its not that many miles, if you are/have that odd cousin or friend let her see this - come on!