Transafrica Eastern Route


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Feb 12, 2015
Hi All,
For a long time we have put aside our original plan to travel Cairo to Cape and exchanged it with South America. After a trip to Ethiopia some weeks ago, it seems that the "Africa-Virus" has deeply affected us and we are back on our way to our original plan! ... five months before leaving!
We found some info on the web, but there are still many open questions and, what's more, we need "up to date" info on some important bits and pieces. Maybe, some of you can help:
1) is there a possibility to ship our Land Rover (and us) from Italy, Greece or Turkey to Egypt?
2) visa: how and where do we get visa for Egypt and Sudan (at home or "on the road") and how long is the vaildity?
3) does anybody know about the situation in Egypt and Sudan? ... is it safe to transit to the Wadi Halfa ferry?
4) does the Wadi Halfa ferry still operate? who to contact best for tickets and arragning the Land Rover's shipment?
5) are there any other options to consider concerning the Eastern Route to Africa?
It would be so great to get some more information on those aspects ... All the best from the cold North of Germany,
Mischa (


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Mar 16, 2015
Auf der VF Voyages Forum (France) gibst aktuelle info uber der Wadi Halfa Gesichten....
Unter der Titel: Ouverture de la route entre Wadi Halfa et Assouan..... von Bostrotters....
Von Assouan bis Abu Simbel in Convoy, ferry nach gegenuberliegende seite, denn noch 22km bis Soudan Grenze.
Visa Soudan: in Assouan(2 mois/50 us dollar) Adres Botschaft: Avenue El Sadat gegenuber der Al Rudwan Mosquee, gegen Fussbalfeld.
Tel. 24.05512/32.8833
Faehren nach Alexandria oder Damietta sind zur zeit problematisch. Vonaus Turkey(ro ro) gibst es einige aber (ab und zu) uber Haifa usw....
Bestes: Verschiffung in Container vonaus Antwerp oder HH(mehrere redereien), um der woche, dauer 12 tage.
Visa Aegyten: Bestes anfrage bei der Heimat Botschaft.
Schaue mal auf das Deutsche Forum Wuestenschiff.
Gute Fahrt.....