Travelling with Parents, need advice


New Overlander
Aug 4, 2018

I'm planning a trip with my parents. It's actually a gift for them from my side for their 40th wedding anniversary! Yeah, I'm very much excited to celebrate this big event with them. My mom loves to travel a lot and that is why I chose a trip to gift them. Dad is a kind of person, who is not fond of traveling, but he enjoys the trip to places enhanced with scenic beauty.

I would like to take them to the Bay of Fundy, world's largest watery wonder, five times higher than the average on the Atlantic.

Twice daily, some 160 billion tons of water move in and out of the Bay of Fundy.

But my concern is about the health insurance. They are having medical coverage now. My doubt is what are the other coverages seniors should take? And is it possible to get an insurance from this Pembroke insurance company before this trip planned for August? Reply awaited. Thanks in advance!