(UK - Cyprus - Africa) Summer of 2020 looking for people to join starting from UK

Aug 18, 2019
Im fairly new to this and don't really have a clue, but I'm planning on a overland trip uk to Africa with a stop of in Cyprus as I have a villa in Ayia Napa sleeps 6 huge pool, can stop off for a week recharge then possible go from Cyprus to Turkey then round through Syira, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel, Egypt then down into Africa, Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya and wherever else, If the route through Syria is unadvised then it is possible to ship the trucks from Limmisol to Alexandria then down, Im looking for advice, people to join with there own trucks get a convoy going then after maybe ship the trucks from Africa back to the UK.

All advice welcome is it possible what do you need so on ?

looking to go May 25th 2020 onwards.