Why Business People Prefer Private Jets

Aug 29, 2018
Recent studies show that working in private business aircraft can improve productivity by 20%, while working in a commercial airliner makes employees 40% less productive than in the office.
Here are some reasons why a private jet makes good economic sense for the business people and how it impacts their productivity-
  1. Faster trips- They help you make faster trips as they are not tied to specific routes and networks and do not need to take any halts in between.
  2. Flexibility- They are available at few hours’ notice and can wait if you are running late. It is even possible to change destination plans in midair if necessary.
    You can decide who accompanies you onboard. There are no restrictions and you can control the cabin environment as you like.
  3. Privacy and Security- Flying private helps you maintain confidentiality which is of utmost importance in the business world.
    Some private aircraft companies offer jets with separate conference facilities. If you are planning to invite two groups of people for separate meetings, you can absolutely do so.
  4. Efficient Landing- Private jets can operate out of any airport. This allows you to accommodate your transport needs on more direct routes.
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