1. OverlandSphere

    volunteerwork in Ecuador: Turtle refuge / protection home

    Originally posted by Wim Losers in a Lexus - boek For people who are looking for volunteerwork in Ecuador: This turtle refuge protection home/hospital in Puerto Lopez can always use people! At the moment they have 6 big sea turtles. For more info, e-mail Alessandro Guerra (speaks Italian...
  2. Gaila Gutierrez

    Explore volunteer opportunies while you plan your route

    Having traveled on motorcycle through North and Central America for 14 months -- part of our travel experience was significantly enhanced by volunteering along the way. It's not always easy to find opportunities on your own and that are FREE!! We worked with http://dogoodasyougo.org/ who...
  3. Gaila Gutierrez

    Enhance your travel experience by volunteering

    If you want to volunteer while traveling but don't know where the opportunities are -- I have a suggestion. A lot of people think about volunteering in exotic places like Africa, Asia, Peru, etc. which usually ends up costing a lot of money -- the volunteer vacations so to speak. Great idea...