The School Run 2014


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May 26, 2013

Our team of 6 men are fundraising for an event named 'The School Run' which will see 3 Series Land Rover Ambulances bought with our own, personal funds be driven from the UK to The Gambia in Africa.

Each vehicle will be filled with school equipment and medical supplies on this 4000 mile journey!

We would love everyone to be part of it and help with any donations that you can give to make this happen and help supply the 'Shine Africa' charity in The Gambia receive these magnificent and much needed vehicles.

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This was a nice initiative taken to help the children and as you are going through the route you told, surely many hands will come up to help you.
Charity is always good. help brings joy not only to you, but also to the person you are helping. how they helped me , with the composition, I was glad of this incident