Ethiopia Gonder to Metema Road / Sudan Border - Fighting

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May 29, 2014
On The road
Ethiopia Fighting on road towards Sudan Border

Over the last few days, there has been fighting between tribes in the Chilga (Chelga) areas of Ethiopia on the main route to the Sudan border.

This is a post from the EUFF “The fight has continued. All sorts of transportation from Gonder to Matema has been stopped as the fight rages between Amhara and Weyane backed Qemant movement.

In Ikel yesterday 6 and today 11 people from the Weyane backed Qemant side have been killed in the fight. Unspecified number of people have been killed in Metema. In Shenfa and Shedi more than 80 fighters have been killed from both sides.”

More info: EUFF

We have been advised that there is a military presence in the area, and that people should take an armed escort through the local area.

It is only meant to be a very small area where the trouble is.

We are leaving Gondar on Tuesday morning if anyone would like to travel with us…

If you do plan to travel on this road check with your hotel or the police on the current state of affairs!!
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