costa rica

  1. Elias Branch

    For SALE: Ford Econoline with Bed inside, AC, etc. Panama in January - beginning of February 2017

    [-------- SOLD --------] --- The must knows --- * Van - Ford Econoline - Perfect Travel Van, huge interior, AC, new radio, good for taking people with you and saving on gasoline (we did Mexico-Panama without any problems, jun-dec 2016) * For sale around january - beginning of february in...
  2. OverlandSphere

    RHD - Costa Rica New / Updates

    In late 2015 a couple were refused entry into Costa Rica with a RHD, prior to this vehicles entered with out problems read more here: Since then Costa Rica has communicated that RHD vehicles are illegal on Costa Rican roads, and that any insurance purchased will be invalid. This is due to a...
  3. OverlandSphere

    Warning - Costa Rica - Right Hand Drive Vehicle - RHD Refused Entry

    ****Warning**** RHD Vehicles – Please take note, on the 10th of November a couple travelling in a RHD vehicle was refused entry into Costa Rica. The Land Rover Club has been trying to help the couple however the initial reports are that the customs at the land borders are now enforcing a law...
  4. N

    SALE URGENT: 1989 FORD ECONOLINE 350 camper van Nicaragua or Costa Rica

    Alternatively please check our Craigslist advertisement
  5. My Overland Adventure

    Costa Rica to Panama – Border Cossing – Paso Canoas Quebrada Grande

    The Costa Rica to Panama (Paso Canoas, Quebrada Grande) border crossing was quite time consuming for us; on the Panama side there were a lot of trucks also trying to enter the country at the same time while only one person was dealing with the TIP. Costa Rica Exit Park in one of the spaces...
  6. My Overland Adventure

    Nicaragua to Costa Rica Border Crossing – Penas Blancas – La Cruz

    We found the Nicaragua to Costa Rica border crossing quite time consuming. Normally an exit is quick and easy, but when a few coach loads of tourists turn up and it’s lunch time, you can end up waiting and waiting….. The Costa Rica side was quite straight forward especially if you follow the...