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May 26, 2013
What is a Carnet?

A Carnet de Passage can be thought of as a passport for your car which enables you to enter and leave certain countries without the need for temporary import papers or providing a cash guarantee on the border. It offers a guarantee to a foreign government that the vehicle identified in the Carnet, if granted temporary importation status, will be removed from the country within the time limit imposed by the respective jurisdiction.

In the event that the vehicle is not removed from the country prior to the expiry of the Carnet or import duties have not been fully paid, then the country may claim from the Carnet issuer all duties and taxes that would be required to permanently import the vehicle to that country.

Although a Carnet is not always required to enter a country, sometimes it may be preferable to use in order to simplify the temporary import process.

Where is a Carnet Required?
Below is a map of countries that require a carnet.

*Note you may be able to enter Egypt & Kenya, and the South African customs Union (if shipping in) with a cash deposit / Bond. For Malaysia a carnet is only required if shipping in to the country, not if you are entering Overland.

Often is it cheaper to import a vehicle into Australia than to pay for a Carnet via an insurance indemnity (provided you intend to live there)

Map provided by: The Overlanding Association

What is the cost of a Carnet?

The cost of the carnet is dependent on the following:

· The issuer - each has their own rules and costs
· The type of security (Bank Guarantee, Cash Deposit or Indemnity Insurance)
· The regions / countries being travelled to, each has varying risk and differing duties.

Typically it is cheaper to provide security via a bank guarantee or cash than via the insurance indemnity. However, in order to take up the former options you must actually have assets that cover the carnets value, which can be significant.

Normally the amount of security required is the same for all options, and is based on the maximum potential liability of the regions travelled to.

Comparison of different options that were offered by the RAC (Now not issuing carnets use the ADAC, tcs.ch or Cars Europe)

*Just as an example to understand the costs of different options

27-05-2013 18-52-06.png
*The above example is the cost that would apply to a carnet issued from the RAC UK pre 2013. The RAC UK no longer issues Carnets based on Bank Guarantees or cash deposits, only the indemnity insurance option is possible.

Below is an example calculation of obtaining a carnet from Boomerang Carnets in the USA & Canada

Vehicle Value: $10,000 Travelling to Egypt (800%) the most expensive county

Insurance cost is 10% i.e for a $10,000 Vehicle going to Egypt - Total Security Required $80,000
Insurance at 10%= $8000
Application fee %775
Total to pay $8775 (inc app fee) -

80% returned - Final cost $1600 + application fee of $775

Bank Guarantee / Cash Deposit
A bank guarantee is a guarantee from the issuing bank in the event that the vehicle is not exported from the country or the Carnet terms are not adhered to, that the bank will provide the said security to the Carnet issuer.

Most banks will require you to have assets deposited with the issuer that are the same value or greater than the proposed guarantee.

The benefit of a bank guarantee over a cash deposit is that you will be able to earn interest or invest your funds with the issuing bank. Cash deposits are placed in non-interest bearing accounts.
The cost of issuing a bank guarantee should be in the region of $75 - $200 depending on the issuing bank.
On return of the Carnet the Deposit will be fully refunded or the bank guarantee will be cancelled.

Indemnity Insurance
The insurance indemnity provides cover for the issuing motor organisation. It only covers the taxes and duties that the carnet issuer would have to pay if the carnet holder breaches the terms for any reason.
The cost of the insurance is usually based on a percentage of the maximum potential liability for the region travelled to.

The Carnet holder is still ultimately liable for any duties, taxes and costs incurred by either the insurance provider or the issuing motor organisation.

Normally a proportion of the Insurance is refundable on retuning the Carnet. The RAC used to return 50% and Boomerang Carnets (USA & Canda) refund 80%

How is the insurance/guarantee/deposit value calculated
The amount of insurance/cash deposit / bank guarantee is dependent on the countries visited and the relevant tax and duties of those countries. However, the calculation used by the individual institutions varies from issuer to issuer.

ADAC Germany - Carnet info on Website

Boomerang Carnets - (USA & Canada) - Carnet info on Website

Boomerang carnets recently took over from the CAA to issue carnets in both the USA and Canada,

AAA – Australia - Carnet info on Website

France Automobile Club - Carnet info on Website

South African Automobile Association - See Website for complete prices

Who can issue a Carnet?

Depending on the country which you and your vehicle reside, you would normally obtain a carnet from your local motoring organisation.

If your home county does not have an issuer the following rules apply:

If your home country does not have a Carnet issuer, you may apply to any other Carnet issuer worldwide.

However, every Carnet issuer has the right to assess your application on its own merits and to decide whether or not to issue a Carnet. You may find in some instances that due to legal reasons like “insurance” they may not be able to issue you with a Carnet.

Travellers in Europe may choose to either have the carnet issued by any motoring organisation in Europe, these were the rights we won with the our petition

What does this mean for UK Carnets?
Currently any UK individual or business may apply to any other Carnet issuer in Europe and worldwide, until such time a new Carnet issuer has been appointed in the UK.

Following the appointment of a new Carnet issuer in the UK, you may apply through them or other Carnet issuers in Europe, these were the rights we won with the petition (you can find a list of Carnet issuers below)
At the moment we do not know who or when the new Carnet issuer will be appointed in the UK, nor do we know what the costs, security rates or options will be. But we would hope that they would be similar to those currently being offered by issuers in Europe.

Renewing / Extending a Carnet
A carnet is renewed annually on expiry and is normally organised through the issuing motoring organisation.

In some circumstances, it is possible to extend the Carnet validity with the permission of the issuing motor organisation. You may also require permission from the local motor organisation and customs.

It is quite normal to extended a carnet in Australia for a year (that under the RAC), however you need permission from both the AAA in Australia and your carnet issuer.

his is the T&C's on the ADAC application regarding Carnets, For extensions longer than 3 months you would have to contact them to find out whether they would be willing to extend.


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Where to Get your Carnet?



Egypt: The web site is under construction
Kenya: http://www.aakenya.co.ke
South Africa: www.aasa.co.za
Tunisia: http://touringclubtunisie.org
Zimbabwe: www.aazimbabwe.co.zw


Argentina: www.aca.org.ar
Chile: www.automovilclub.cl
Colombia: www.acc.com.co
Ecuador: www.aneta.org.ec
Paraguay: www.tacpy.com.py
Peru: www.touringperu.com.pe
Uruguay: www.acu.com.uy
Venezuela: Bienvenidos a Touring y Automovil Club de Venezuela
Usa / Canada - CPD Carnet | Boomerang Carnets UK Boomerang Carnets


Bahrain: www.bmf.com.bh
Bangladesh: www.bangla.net.bd
India: www.wiaaindia.com
Israel: www.memsi.co.il
Japan: www.jaf.or.jp
Jordan: www.racj.com
Kuwait: www.kiac.com.kw
Lebanon: www.atcl.org
Malaysia: www.aam.org.my
Oman: www.omanauto.org
Philippines: www.aap.org.ph
Saudi Aurabia:
- Saudi Automobile & Touring Association (SATA) www.sasco.com.sa
- Saudi Automobile Federation (SAF)
Singapore: www.aas.com.sg
Sri Lanka: www.aaceylon.lk
Syria: www.syrianautomobileclub.com
United Arab Emirates: www.atcuae.ae
Yemen: www.universalyemen.com


Andorra: www.aca.ad
Austria: www.oeamtc.at
Belgium: www.racb.com
Bulgaria: www.uab.org
Croatia: www.hak.hr
Cyprus: www.caa.com.cy
Czech Republic: www.uamk.cz
France: www.automobileclub.org
- Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobil-Club e.V. : www.adac.de
- Automobilclub von Deutschland e.V. : www.avd.de
Great Britain: Cars Europe (you can still apply to other EU issuers)
Greece: www.elpa.gr
Italy: www.aci.it
Luxembourg: www.acl.lu
Moldova: www.aita.md
Norway: www.naf.no
Poland: www.pzm.pl
Portugal: www.acp.pt
Romania: www.acr.ro
Russia: www.raf.su
Serbia: www.amss.org.rs
Slovak Republic: www.satc.sk
Slovenia: www.amzs.si
Spain: www.race.es
- Automobile Club Suisse: www.acs.ch
- Touring Club Suisse: www.tcs.ch
Turkey: Türkiye Turing ve Otomobil Kurumu


Australia: http://www.aaa.asn.au
New Zealand: http://www.aa.co.nz
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Hello! Quick question, although I don't see any question here, maybe ou can answer me and then add it as additional info.

First: if the vehicle is registered in a country where I do not live in, where should I try to get the CDP? My country, the country of the vechicle, or any other?
Second: If I am not travelling with a CDP, and I have already left my country or Residence AND the country where the vehicle is registered, is there any chance to get a CDP?

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CPD is in Central Europe cheaper than ADAC. 10 page Carnet price is 125,5 €, in Bratislava (Slovakian Autoclub).
Minimum deposit for Iran, Pakistan, India is 1500 €.

Serbian Autoclub is more cheaper. 4000 Serbian dinar (35€), is Carnet (10 page) in Belgrade.
Minimum deposit 700€, for Trans Asian Routes. Email: medjunarodna.saradnja@amss.org.rs

No probleme is other country registration plate. My car is with Georgian plates, other car with Hungarian plates.
I leave shortly for an overland trip that will take me from South Africa to Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Tanzania, Malawi and Mozambique. Your map indicates a Carnet will not be required but I'm informed by the AA of South Africa that I will need one. Can anybody give me first hand advice of what I'll need? Thank you.
This is the advice from AA.co.za

"Carnet de Passage: Highly recommended. Applications forms can be downloaded here; if you do not have a Carnet, a TIP will be issued at a fee of USD 150"

All other countries are very straightforward without a carnet.
My wife and I are just beginning to plan our first Euponean Overland trek. We live in Dubai and are looking at shipping our trusty Land Cruiser to Greece and driving North through Albania, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, France and end the three week trek in Germany. Regarding a Carnet... Can you tell me if one is required for this journey, given we are driving a UAE registered vehicle? We are Australian, but have lived in the UAE for nearly ten years.
*European Trek... the fire alarm in my apartment building went off while I was typing!
Hi all. I am trying to understand the CdP system.

One thing I can't get my head around is why ADAC only asks for a €5000 guarantee on a €7500 car for Egypt, with reports of Egypt requiring 800% of vehicle value. Of course this is nice for us overlanders, but why do they do this? It would help me understand the system if I know their motives.
Hello, I need some help with informations regarding CDP, if anyone knows the answer and can help, would be very nice :)
My boyfriend and I are planning a long trip from Europe to SE Asia with a campervan. We got Carnet de passage from our home car company (Croatia), but the problem is that they don't allow extension of CDP, so when it expires that's pretty much it. We also can't buy new one, because for that we need to register our car (which we can't do outside our country). Does anyone now what are other options?
Maybe getting a new CDP in another country? Or paying deposit at the border?

Please, help if you can :)

Thank you :)
Hi, sorry not able to answer any question made above but I have another question for you all :) what's the longest you can stay in a country with a CPD? Thanks!!
Hello everyone. Does anyone have experience getting a CDP when it is not possible to obtain it in your home country? I'm from Chile and the local automotive club does not issue it. I will appreciate any tips.

Looking for advice on my not very common situation.
I'm Russian citizen but living in California. I want to buy motorcycle here in CA and ship it to Morocco/Spain to continue overland to Malaysia through Turkey, Iran and Pakistan.
Boomerang carnets website says they can't issue carnet for Iran due to sanctions.

Question: Can I get carnet in Serbia or other EU country by applying in local carnet agency to get Iran included in my carnet? Or doesn't matter my Nationality I have no chance with US plates?

Hope anybody can help me with advice.
Looking for advice on my not very common situation.
I'm Russian citizen but living in California. I want to buy motorcycle here in CA and ship it to Morocco/Spain to continue overland to Malaysia through Turkey, Iran and Pakistan.
Boomerang carnets website says they can't issue carnet for Iran due to sanctions.

Question: Can I get carnet in Serbia or other EU country by applying in local carnet agency to get Iran included in my carnet? Or doesn't matter my Nationality I have no chance with US plates?

Hope anybody can help me with advice.

Hello friend, my advice is that you buy the motorcycle directly in Spain, you will save money on the purchase and on the shipping from CA to SP. In Spain you can process the CDP in "RACE" web. All the best.
Hello everybody!
I have a question and advice concerning about doing a round trip in Senegal.
I think you can get in without a carnet de passage.
Do you notre were i cand find information on how much does it cost to enter a motorcycle?(temporary import for about 15 days).

For the advice: what would you do for only 15 days ? Pay the Carnet de passage (and the deposit ) or go for the border bureaucracy?

thanks for your help !
Hi everyone, can anyone tell me the address or contact information of the Jordanian International Automobile Association? I want to go for CDP, thanks!