How many miles is too many for an tough old Ford F350?


New Overlander
May 9, 2019
If you were like us looking for a used truck camper for an extended trip in South America would you see a 2004 FordF350 V8 diesel warhorse with 200,000 miles on the clock as an option worth considering if it was in good working condition and came with a credible history, or would you dismiss it as an old piece of junk likely to be a constant source of headaches? To me 200,000 miles seems to be a LOT but maybe that is not as near the expiry date for a beast of this size and strength as it would be for the smaller cars I am used to driving, so would welcome your opinion.
I know several people who have run their Ford diesels many more miles than 200,000 but the maintenance and repairs can be expensive if you are paying someone to do the work for you. I think much of it depends on how the vehicles have been maintained. I would have a good mechanic go over the vehicle before I bought it. I sold a 2001 Toyota Tundra two years ago with 255,000 miles and I had never had a single issue with that truck. Lots of vehicles can go lots of miles these days.