LC 200 vs LC 100 & mods needed


New Overlander
Jul 7, 2020
Hello all. I'm new to the group and to overlanding. I'm now looking for a suitable vehicle to build up for overland touring.

I plan to buy a used Toyota LC and build it up over time and also learn to carry out basic replacements and repairs. I don't have any prior mechanical experience but want to gain this as preperation for long distance tours.

I would like to ask for feedback on suitability between the land cruiser 100 and 200. I understand that the 200 has more electronic components. How much more difficult would it be to learn and carry out basic and common repairs for the 200 compared to the 100.

What about availability of spare parts?

petrol or diesel? I have read up on the need to carry more fuel if its a petrol engine and an axillary fuel tank provides for that. Cost wise is there much of a difference.

My first intended long tour would be from South East Asia to Europe vide Malaysia - Thai - Myanmar - India - Pak - Iran - Turkey - Europe spread over 45 to 60 days in summer 2022

what are the basic mods that I should be looking to make for the overland tourers. I don't plan to do much off roading. More towards long distance overland. For the first trip I don't forsee staying in the vehicle very much. Perhaps only on unexpected occasions.

Thanking all in advance.
You will generally find, there will be plenty of parts available parts for a 100 series, and there is also a decent dealer network throughout Asia.

My personal preference would be to choose 100 series, mainly due to the cost, and the additional cost of carnet for the same, I think with an older vehicle you are more comfortable taking a few risks with the vehicle, and if it is quite new and expensive.

Generally as people go for diesels, you just need to be careful about these restrictions in Europe in certain cities...

Regarding modifications, at minimum you should look at upgrading the suspension, and clearance, apart from that not much is really needed unless you want some additional comforts, like a fridge, auxiliary battery.

What are your plans for sleeping? the planning to sleep in the vehicle? on top in the roof tent? or use accommodation and ground tents?

I did some trips by an Landcruiser 200 by myself, from a Europe, Transafrica till South America :)

You probably will like my list of mods and my resume after 10 years of travelling: Mods I wouldn`t do again for overlanding or vanlife

And my thoughts about Diesel vs Gasoline for internatioal worldtrips.

The Land Cruiser above is a V8 Diesel with 289hp and 650nm. It is european spec with 11 airbags, AHC Suspension (adjustable dampers, adjustable vehicle height) and very comfortable. A lot of electronic but no fails. It is a much better ride than the smaller Prado/Land Cruiser.