lpg installation yes or no for africa trip


New Overlander
Jul 5, 2020
We are planning to drive to Africa and through Africa; we still need to buy a vehicle, we are looking at an old volvo TGB, but he consumes a lot of gasoline; 1:4,5, so we were thinking to install an lpg installation.

Does anyone got experience with this or why don t you do it and do you know if we can fill our tank often in Africa, is this at the same places where you fill your tanks for cooking and heating ?

Thank you

I've travelled most of Southern Africa and I've not seen any LPG filling stations. That's not to say there are not any, just that I've not noticed any. In Africa it's diesel or petrol.

The other consideration is the repair to a LPG system should you have a problem. The bush mechanics would find working on LPG a real challenge.