Convoy through China Spring 2014 - Laos to Mongolia


New Overlander
Aug 10, 2013
Hi all,

We are on the search for travelling buddies / cost sharers for a trip through China in spring time 2014.

We are currently in SE Asia after having made our outbound journey from Europe over the last few months.

Since we have a camper van, we are looking for other 4x4s / campers, since we will have to use the main highways at times (and motorcycles are not permitted on them). We would also like the opportunity to camp, so like minded / kitted out people would be a good match.

We have a preferred guide, who we used for the outbound journey - we will get some other quotes, but if there is nothing in it we would prefer to stick with what we know. If you are at all interested then please PM or reply here, and I can send you our proposed Itinerary along with the anticipated cost breakdown.

Happy Travels,