Panama - DIJ & Customs - Shipping to Colombia


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May 26, 2013
Getting your DIJ
A DIJ is a police inspection of your vehicle, confirming it is not stolen or has been reported to the police for another reason.

To obtain your DIJ you must complete a police inspection in the morning, and then pick up your DIJ in the afternoon from the Dirección de Investigación Judicial.


  1. Attend a Police inspection 8.966390, -79.544797 – You should arrive at the police office between 8am and 9am at the latest. Drive into the car park at the rear of police station, there will most likely be others there with their bonnets up. The police will check your vehicles registration documentation to your VIN and engine number. You will also need copies of your documents, Vehicle registration, Temporary import permit & passport, there is a copy shop just over the road from the car park (this would also be a good opportunity to get the copies required for customs etc when boarding the ferry, at least 4 copies of everything!). Once this is complete, they will authorise the office across the road to issue your DIJ Certificate.
  2. At 2pm, go to the Dirección de Investigación Judicial 8.965612, -79.545415, this is located opposite the police station, across a dual carriage way. On the way in to the office building there is a small booth on the right. You have to give them some ID, preferably your driving license and obtain a visitors badge. Next walk straight into the building in front of you and ask for The Secretary General – DIJ Certificate. They will ask for some id and sign you in. A lady will come out to speak to you and ask for copies of your documents, make sure you have originals with you as they may also want to inspect these. They will take some time to process these and come back with your completed DIJ.