1. Tassie_Devil

    Australia - New Zealand Shipping

    I seem to receive a lot of advertising on Facebook and other platforms regarding a shipping company "Willship" based in Queensland. I'm always wary about anybody who advertises on Facebook, but has anybody actually used Willship or does anybody have any other recommendations. Their main target...
  2. Koillor

    Van Shipping Panamá to Colombia

    Hello everyone, we'll be shipping our van from Panamá to Colombia at any point next month, May 2021. If anyone is interested in sharing a CONTAINER (not RoRo) please let me know. Thank you! Hola! Embarcaremos nuestra van de Panamá a Colombia cualquier día del próximo mes, mayo 2021. Si desean...
  3. S

    Share a container from Panama to Columbia. Early December 2019.

    Hi there! We are driving from Canada to Argentina and are looking for someone interested in sharing a 40’ container from colon panama. Ideally we would like to be shipping in early December 2019 (we want to avoid any price spikes for flights etc later in the month). But we are also relatively...
  4. T

    Hamburg / Montevideo Container sharing

    Hi Overlanders, we are looking for a container partner for Hamburg - Montevideo in spring 2018 (Feb/March). There is about 7m space for another car in our 40 feet container. Anybody interested?
  5. TaWa

    Share a container from Australia to South Africa

    Hi, We are a german couple, intend to ship our Landcruiser Bushcamper from Australia (Brisbane) to South Africa (Cape Town) somewhere between Feb. and Sept. 2018. We are looking for other people to share a 40" High Cube Container with. More than 20" are free We already have a shipping agent...
  6. C

    Panama to Colombia Share Container around Mid October

    Hi everyone! I'm very soon to start traveling through South America, although first I have to figure out a way to cross my little CGL 125 Honda from Panama to Colombia. After reading several blogs of people that have done something similar it seems that there are not that many ways of...
  7. OverlandSphere

    Shipping EU to North America Canada / USA

    Information on our shipping partners services from Europe to North America RORO & Container Canada - Halifax (RORO) USA (New York, Baltimore, Brunswick etc) Shipping Rates RORO rates start from £38/€44/$49 per cubic meter. For RORO you may declare and clear your vehicle with customs without...
  8. OverlandSphere

    Container Share - Shipping Vehicle UK - South Africa - June 2017

    Container Share: shipping UK - South Africa - Arriving Mid June - Contact us if you are interested. We also list other container shares on our FB page IVSS - International Vehicle Shipping Services & Freight Forwarders or Facebook
  9. OverlandSphere

    Container Share UK - Canada - Mid to late May 2017

    Container share: Anyone interested in sharing a 40ft HQ from the UK to Canada to arrive mid to late may? If interested please let me know.
  10. Austin

    Cartagena to Colon: Container Share or RORO?

    Hi everybody, New to the forums here, and I just posted my introduction in the corresponding thread. Anyhow, I've been researching my trip through various sources and am getting to the point now where I need to be planning the transport of my vehicle from Cartagena to Colon. Based on some...
  11. Y

    Shipping Cartagena to UK - any tips, advice or container partners?

    Sadly, we're coming to the end of our time on the road after over 2 wonderful years of driving around South America. We're planning to ship the Yellow Van back from Cartagena to the UK at the end of December, probably in a container (for security). Anyone happen to be around to share a container...
  12. Y

    Shipping from USA to Colombia

    Hi Folks, Does someone have Shipped from USA to Colombia? We are looking to ship our 24' RV from Florida or somewhere else to Cartagena. I've spend a lot of time these days to found a shipping company? Which company have you used? Have you use a Broker to load or unload it? any help is...
  13. P

    Shipping vehicle from Panama to Columbia

    Hi, I'm trying to ship my car from Panama to Cartagena. Does anyone in the same situation as me want to share a container? I'm looking to ship in the next 1-2 weeks. Thanks
  14. R

    Ford F-250 for Sale.

    Greetings. My name is Roger, I came to Pitalito – Colombia last year first time and decided to move here permanently. I had been traveling central and south America for nearly a year. I have been staying with a friend here in Pitalito and we’ve been looking at the possibility of exporting...
  15. OverlandSphere

    Panama - DIJ & Customs - Shipping to Colombia

    Getting your DIJ A DIJ is a police inspection of your vehicle, confirming it is not stolen or has been reported to the police for another reason. To obtain your DIJ you must complete a police inspection in the morning, and then pick up your DIJ in the afternoon from the Dirección de...
  16. Theo de Gueltzl

    Looking to share a container from Panama to Colombia - April 2016

    Hello I have been on the road for a year now. Came down from LA. It s time for me to cross to Colombia now so I am looking to share a container from Panama to Colombia around April 2016. All the best
  17. S

    Cartagena-Colon share a shipping container

    Hello All, I am currently in Medellin with my Jeep, but plan on heading up to Cartagena in a few days. I was hoping to split a shipping container to Colon by the end of February. Let me know if you are interested! -Sam
  18. Shaz & Frank

    shipping from continental Europe to Uruguay ?

    We are planning to ship a Land Rover from Europe to Uruguay in Sep/Oct 2016. Can anyone recommend a shipper and/or is looking to share a container? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks Frank
  19. Alexandre Ferreira

    Container Share from Australia to Canada

    Anyone looking at shipping a car from Australia to Canada in mid 2016? Regards
  20. huebsch

    Shipping of Motohome to Canada and later on to Europe

    Hi all, We want to ship our Motorhome in March or April from Malaysia to Canada (West-Coast) and in July from from Canada (Est-Coast) to Continantal Europe. Our car is a Mercedes Benz 914 AK: -built in 1995 -weight: 7500kg -Length: 7m -heigth: 3,6m -Width: 2,5m Anyone an idea how to do that...